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Ashley 01-31-2009 08:18 AM

Do you vaccinate your pets?
If you selectively/delay or don't vaccinate your kids do you also refrain from vaccinating your pets? How do you get around the Rabies law?

I have 3 indoor cats and it's time to get their yearly Rabies vaccine and I was kind of thinking, hmmmmmmm.....

Just want to see what others are doing!!


littlewigglebutts 01-31-2009 08:57 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
I asked our vet and he said you can't get around the rabies. But almost all states have the 3 year vaccine, so you only have to do it every 3 years. You don't have to give any other vaxes.

If someone found out you hadn't been vaccinating for rabies, you'd face a very hefty fine, per cat. If in the rare instance that one of your cats broke the skin on anyone, the DR. would have to report it and you'd face fines AND they'd confiscate your cats until they passed quarantine (you have to pay for that too.)

We have a bunch of indoor cats and we only vaccinate for rabies. All the other vaccines exist to protect your cat. I'm not sure what for if they're completely indoor, especially as so many of them can cause cancer. Rabies is more to protect people. Do what works for you. HTH!

raelynn 01-31-2009 09:03 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
One of our cats received the Rabies vax at 6mos because my SIL (who is a vet assistant) had taken her to be spayed. My other cat has never received the rabies vax and we won't continue with it when it wears off the one cat. I am not aware of any rabies laws here, our cats are 100% indoor only, we live in the city where there are no wild animals. I've never even heard of anyone's pet getting rabies here, it probably has something to do with our climate, I don't know.

I did give both of my cats the triple-shot (3 in 1 vax, can't remember what was in it). It's good for 3 yrs and I administered them myself to them, and I was able to get the vaxes from a pet pharmacy for $5 each (I was taught how to give the injections by my SIL).

soblessed2bmama 01-31-2009 09:09 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
Well, pets and children aren't quite the same thing. I don't vax my kids because I know it's harmful for them and because God gave me a mandate to protect them. It's also lawful to refuse vaccination for children for religious reasons.

Law on pet vaccination on the other hand is not negotiable. I won't try to get around a law that doesn't go against God's law. ;)

cokelush 01-31-2009 09:17 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
If my kids were small I'd selectively vax. My pets really aren't vaxed. We live in the country and have a indoor-outdoor cat and just lost a 15year old indoor cat (never vaxed) to plain old old age. We also have two indoor/outdoor dogs.
I've never heard of anyone's pets getting rabies from anything out here (we have raccoons, possums, coyotes, and whatnot) - altho' I guess it could happen. Our vet asks me about vaxes when we do go in, but I just kinda pass them off and they know our pets are mostly indoors and for some reason don't push it. Maybe b/c I've very knowledgable about their care and have been known to self-diagnose the critters (we have other exotics as well as the domestics), just needing the vet for Rx-s. lol. Dunno. I guess it depends on where you live and what conditions your pets are in (if you live at or have a kennel next door or something... I know our shelter is always coming up with parvo and things) -- I can't say that I believe that pet vaxes are any safer or better than vaxes for kids.

Minniebees 01-31-2009 09:20 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
You can't ever kennel them unless they have their shots, too. We travel a lot, so we keep the dog up to date for that. I do fully vaccinate the kids, but the dog only gets shots when we're going on vacation. I'll be honest, I take better care of the kids than the dog, so he doesn't go to the vet unless he needs shots for boarding.

Another thing to consider, is if your animal bites someone else. My neighbor's kid was bit by a neighbor's cat who did not have any shots, including rabies. They had to put the cat down and test the cat for rabies so the boy wouldn't have to get the shot series. Rabies isn't like measles, where a good portion of people will get over it, it has a 100% death rate. Well, there was supposedly one case of rabies that didn't kill a man. But those are bad odds, lol. And rabies is out there, so it's not like you only see it in developing countries, which is the case with most VPD's.

soblessed2bmama 01-31-2009 09:20 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
I should also add that we would be required to anyway since we are dachshund breeders so I guess that has some weight with our decision. :giggle:

mbsr76 01-31-2009 10:22 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
We don't vax our kids but we do vax our pets, especially for rabies. We live out a bit and have regular raccoon visitors and other wildlife, and I would worry constantly if I didn't make sure our pets were protected.

ceilismom 01-31-2009 11:36 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
We don't vaccinate our kids, but do vaccinate our pets.
The differences (to me) are:
The pets are vaccinated against diseases that will, not just might, kill them if caught.

One of the diseases that my pets are vaccinated against can be transmitted to humans, and again would, not could kill.

My pets are already unclean animals (biblically speaking) so putting unclean animal tissue into their bodies isn't a concern to me.

Licensing isn't a problem for us since we live waaaaaay out of town, but there is plenty of wildlife around here. While I've never heard of any rabies cases in the 20+ years I've lived in this state, I get the pets vaccinated because I don't know where they are/what they might be exposed to 24/7 like I do my kids.

jackyl08 01-31-2009 11:43 AM

Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?
I make sure my dogs are up to date, especially with rabies. There are so many things animals can get that could kill them. We live on a farm and they roam, so it's safer just to get them. They get a 5 way vax. We go once every two years(rabies is two years in my county).

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