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Smidgerooski 01-31-2009 02:52 PM

SAHMs/WAHMs that have 2 under 2...
Hi mamas,
I'm due in 9 weeks with baby #2. Our dd is 14 months right now and she's doing great.

I guess I'm looking for some advice on how you handle/handled 2 youngsters. What was the transition like after you brought the baby home? I know I'm going to be busy and staying at home a lot more than I do right now. Not that I'm living the 'high-life' or anything right now :giggle:

I generally go to the grocery store twice a week (once for our big trip and a second time for stuff I forgot). I'm usually at Joanns twice a week getting fabric/thread, etc too, but that will stop b/c I won't be sewing until summer when things calm down around here and we're in a routine.

Other than that my dd goes to my parent's house about once a week (10 mins away) to play and what not. I'm hoping to continue that w/ her so she can have some one on one time w/ my parent's.

Besides those trips outta the house, we're at home...where we both prefer to be.

So, what tidbits can you throw my way?


jpicasso 01-31-2009 08:39 PM

Re: SAHMs/WAHMs that have 2 under 2...
I did 3 under 3 :hugs:

The best advice I can give you is don't sweat the small stuff. Don't stress over have two babies, nothing will be clean anyways :giggle: Let your older LO "help" as much as possible. In my experience, they aren't really too much of a help, but it keeps the tantrums and jealousy to a minimum if you make them feel included.

For me it came quite easily. Just go about your normal day and add the baby in. I know it's easier said than done, but for us, everything just kind of fell into place within a few weeks :goodvibes:

BrandiMommy 01-31-2009 10:11 PM

Re: SAHMs/WAHMs that have 2 under 2...
I had 2 under 2, they are 3 and 19mos now. The first year was difficult because the older baby isn't able to REALLY understand that they can't have mama all the time anymore, but the time goes quickly and it gets much, much easier. Don't sweat the small stuff and take it one day at a time! Also, about going out I really didn't like to go out with both by myself much because it was more work getting everyone ready and in and out of the car than getting what I wanted so I usually went out when I could leave one or both babies at home. Now they are best friends and I'm so glad they are close in age.

OneFishTwoFish 02-01-2009 06:19 AM

Re: SAHMs/WAHMs that have 2 under 2...
I'm glad you asked this. We're toying with the idea of TTC'ing soon and we would end up with 2 under 2 if we conceived within the next few months or so.

DH wants to "get the baby years over with" but I am so scared to be home with 2 babies on my own day after day! I feel like one keeps me on my toes enough!

mcpforever 02-01-2009 07:33 AM

Re: SAHMs/WAHMs that have 2 under 2...
I have 2 under 2 and a 6.5 year old. :goodvibes:
Routine routine routine (with some flexibility) is what keeps us all sane.
DS2 was born in the summer time and we were pretty flexible for the first few weeks when we HAD to be. But as soon as he started back to school, we found our groove.
A few things I found helpful for us:
1) Get the babies up and dressed first thing
2) Do grocery/walmart/target type shopping between 8-10 when everyone is still happy (we drop DS1 off at school and I hit the stores with DS2 in the sling or MT and DD in the front of the cart)
3) Wear the little one as much as is possible so that you can still play with the toddler
4)Do the housework that MUST be done (laundry, dishes) and let the rest go (the bathrooms need not sparkle)
5) Make dinner easy and simple (crockpot stuff, previously prepared frozen stuff, cereals crackers, grapes, easy stuff you don't have to mess around with much) and save the gourmet style cooking for when they are old enough to appreciate it.

I don't know what to tell you about helping the older sibling as my toddler just took everything in stride and still amazes me at how well she does with the baby. It is nothing I have done. It probably doesn't hurt that she's a Daddy's girl atm and he's eating it up. :wub:

Best wishes. We have good days and bad days and blah days.

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