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AmandaSue22 05-17-2006 08:28 AM

Need some advice
My friend Row is just starting to ttc again a 3rd child with her hubby. Her other 2 were oopsies so she is not sure on the ttc stuff. But She had her LMP on May 4th and has a 28 day cycle. When should she be ovulating? I was using fertility friend but mines the free version and it doesnt share a whole lot of information like that with you lol

So her LMP was May 4th. She has been sick and the last night they BD was Monday the 15th. Can she get pregnant from the 15th??

Is it true she might have a boy by not having sex AT ovulation but more a few days before? They have 2 girls and I think she is wanting a boy this time lol


~stacy~ 05-17-2006 08:37 AM

Re: Need some advice
She probably O'd yesterday or today since her cycle is so regular.
Typical ovulation occurs 14 days before cycle end. I am assuming May 4th was the first day of her LMP here (first day w/ any bleeding).

Also, it is more likely to have a boy if you BD nearer ovulation day. More likely for a girl if you BD a few days before ovulation and not again after that. The sperm that make little girls are slow swimmers, but live longer. So if they have the time to get up there and wait around they can outlast the "boy" sperm and be there ready and waiting when that egg pops out. But if they BD closer to ovulation the "boy sperm" have a better chance of winning the race to the egg since they swim faster. The 15th is probably pretty close to when she O'd, but I'd say it's anybodies guess. If she BD a bunch before the 15th too there are more likely some "girl sperm" already up there waiting for that egg.

HTH! If she doesn't get preggo this go round and they want a boy I would suggest they wait until day 13 or 14 of her cycle then BD away!


AmandaSue22 05-17-2006 08:42 AM

Re: Need some advice
Thanks. She really wants a boy so I think I will tell her next time if she isnt pregnant to wait till around day 13 or 14 lol

Kimmomy2dom 05-17-2006 09:05 AM

Re: Need some advice
Yup, I'll agree with everything Stacy said. Just tell her to keep track of her next period - even if her cycles are 28 days she could ovulate sooner or later than 14 days, KWIM? Kind of have to just keep track and keep trying if she doesn't want to chart.
That's what the Shettle's method says - have sex the day of ovulation (or the day before or after, too, I think) to get a boy. It's not fool proof, though. ;). I had sex ON the day of ovulation and I got two girls, LOL. It has more to do with what her DH puts out than what day it is a lot of the time. Wish her luck!

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