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milniks7 11-25-2006 06:43 PM

Anyone else have one going off to college?
Or am I the only one with old kids!LOL..I have 7 so I have all ages, but my oldest dd is a senior this year and is applying to colleges and I am starting to get so sad! Would love to have a thread about little(now big!) ones leaving the nest so to speak..I need hugs..feeling sad just thinking about her leaving! I know when I left for college I was so excited to "start" my life..I never looked I am the Mama and it is kind of depressing and exciting at the same time..ya know?? Anyone else?

Carrie 11-25-2006 06:51 PM

Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?
No older kids here, but we are high school teachers. My Dh cries when he says goodbye to his seniors. That's about the only time he EVER cries. :hugs:

MCR 11-26-2006 10:25 AM

Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?
I have my oldest on his first year of college already. He's 18.
I had to drop him off to college on his 18th birthday. No one told me it's worse than sending them off to Kindergarten, I blubbered all the way home that day.
I'm so happy he picked a college that is only an hour away, in the town we do a lot of shopping, so I see him every couple of weeks when he runs out of snack food and bottled water.
I have to drag him out of bed and take him back today, my friends son goes there too, so I'll drop him off aswell.
She gets to go pick them both up for the Christmas break. Iwent off to college at 16 and loved living in the dorm and being with other girls, ours was a female only dorm, not like the mixed ones today. Max's dorm has three floors, bottom and top are boys, girls in the middle floor.
That scared me more than him being gone :blush:
Senior year is so hectic, so much to do, with SAT's and college apps.
I'd encourage her to apply everywhere and see what kind of money they all offer before choosing.

the_raving_loon 11-26-2006 10:48 AM

Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?
My eldest is a senior in HS too and I just keep thinking this is his last *name your holiday* as a minor and totally with the fam. Fortunately, he has decided (for the time being) to go to the jc near our house and then move with us to another state in about a couple of years and transfer to the local uni there. More often than not these days, I look at him and draw the similarities of how he looks/acts now to when when was a little one ... I keep remembering his first day of school and how he looked going off. Honestly, I'm terrified of my kids going off as adults ... out of my care, I'm afraid that "something" might happen ... that they wont be able to make an adequate life for themselves and end up eating out of trash bins. That may be a silly fear, but it's there none the less. HAHA, I tell my kids that the hardest part of being a parent is fearing for your child - no matter how old they are.

This growing up and out thing scares the ****e out of me :afraid: ...

:hugs: to you.

momof4 11-26-2006 11:27 AM

Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?
I have 2 stepdaughters in college, which was hard enough, but now my oldest is in 11th grade, and I'm sad about her leaving already! Plus, she won't get as much time to spend with the littlest ones. :hugs: mama, you're not alone!

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