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Rebeldream 02-09-2009 11:17 PM

Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Okay, so we're going to keep track of every diaper our LO's use from wake-up until bed-time! Why? Because we have nothing better to do. :roflmbo: Why not?

So save yourself a space and come back and edit whenever you get a chance, making a numbered list of what diapers you've used thus far. Feel free to elaborate on circumstances or events! Pictures are welcome, too! Consider it a running "What's on the bum?" thread! :giggle2:

I'll start mine here in the morning! See you then! :thumbsup:


Getting a jump-start on tomorrow with the diaper he just fell asllep in...
(It's 2am, so it technically counts as Tuesday. LOL!)

1) Light yellow (Butternut?) bG 3.0 OS stuffed with a premium CPF & bamboo fleece doubler w/ a pirate map fleece soaker on top!

2) Fin Fancy Mutt 3sr, coverless
Eatin' Golden Grahms.

3) Brown Ooga Mutt 3sr, coverless
Digging through the toys.

4) Robots Mutt 3sr, coverless
I told him, "Lemme see your bum!" so he turned around and shook it.

5) Dinosaurs Mutt 3sr, coverless
Terrorizing Sissy with the Dora Dollhouse stuff.

6) Blue/Yellow dots L SS Blueberry minky for nap
He usually chooses Lemon Lime dots, so it was funny he picked this color today.

7) Orange Giraffes Mutt 3sr, coverless
Holding the banana by himself was a treat.

8) BB&E Mutt 3sr, coverless
He was pouting because I wouldn't let him play in the fire.

9) Woof Woof Mutt 3sr, coverless
Having a cookie with Sissy.

10) Construction Mutt 3sr, coverless
He fell asleep shortly after this in the Mutt so I changed him in his sleep.

11) Dark blue (Moonbeam?) bG 3.0 OS stuffed with a premium CPF & bamboo fleece doubler w/ a celestial fleece soaker on top!
His favorite soaker, but he wasn't awake to choose it. ^_^

So that's a good average of 10-11 diapers a day for us. All of the Mutts were chosen out by Baby Man himself with much deliberation and drama like always. (We have to go down the line naming nearly all the prints, then he has to debate the merits of, say, Fin Fancy compared to Go Fish. Yes, they both have fishies, but which fishies is he REALLY in the mood for? LOL!) The only difference to this list would have been if we'd left the house to run an errand, then we would have used an embroidered GAD. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere today, though.

This was fun, especially reading everyone's lists and seeing what actually got used! Thanks for playing with me, Ladies! :loveit: :highfive:

SaraElise 02-10-2009 06:33 AM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
I'll be at work today, but I'll be able to fill in when I get back!

1. BG 3.0 Ribbit
2. BG 3.0 Ribbit
3. BG 3.0 Grasshopper
4. BG 3.0 Butternut
5. BS Kumquat Goldfish
6. Red gingham made by me fitted

1. BG 3.0 Moonbeam
2. BG 3.0 Clemintine
3. BG 3.0 Grasshopper
4. BG 3.0 Twilight
5. Mutt Ice Giraffes with Thirsties cover

snappysara 02-10-2009 07:45 AM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Overnight: Pink BG OS, 2 micro inserts, heavily wet
1. Pink BG OS, knew the am BM was impending
2. Papillion Butterfly 3SR under her pink/raspberry/chocolate/caramel ruffle longies
3. Rainbow Shine 3SR for naptime... even though the last dipe was barely damp, we dont take naptime chances. lol
4. BM # 2, changed into Aqua and white dots BSRB
5. Smelly BSRB? Hmm. Changed into Rose Fairy 3SR
6. Had BAD afternoon with both kidlets. DD ended up napping in the Rose Fairy 3SR, usually would have changed her... in the end she was ok. But had huge blowout as soon as she awoke. (Hoping it was just the prune she ate and not my stomach thing) Into Med T&T Mutt Rose Fairy (again! lol)
7. Ok umm I left her longie-less for about 10 mins and now she needs a new diaper. She was soaked thru already. Ack. Into a large BS Mutt Robins Egg Blue and Chocolate floral
8. Quick change in to Lovely Lotus 3SR Mutt before our bathtime
9. BG OS White double stuffed with micro for bedtime. :D THE END.

happymommy 02-10-2009 08:00 AM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Hi ladies, I'll play, I read the mutt thred often but have never posted, I have a lot of mutts.

He is wearing all the diapers under his harper sock monkey set
1.Green and brown VW Bus 3SR
2.Amazon GM
3.Haulin GM
4.M BS blue giraffe mutt
5. M cat in the hay baby shape mutt
7. sock monkeyM FS mutt
8. M BS lator gator mutt
9. Old Blue ooga booga MBS mutt
10. MFS Mint chocolate ponies mutt
11. MFS blue with circles mutt
12. Pampers for night time
1.Pink dots Blueberry pocket AIO
2. Aqua old style M Fuzzi bunz
3. Train old style M Fuzzi Bunz
4. Pink M old style fuzzi bunz
5. 3SR AIO elephant mutt
6. LFS AIO Russian dolls mutt
7. Pampers for bedtime

stephcrouse 02-10-2009 08:44 AM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
I'll play!

(we are running errands today, so there will be a few sposies in the mix (I haven't been able to do cloth out & about yet, cause baby fusses too much when wet...)

7th gen. sposie overnight
1. 7th gen. sposie
2. Later Gator M BS
3. 7th gen. sposie
4. another sposie, changed while out
5. retro owls M BS
6. grazing horses M BS
7. surfboards M BS
8. kumquat bicycles M BS
9. nubots M BS
10. bacon & eggs M BS
11. sposie for nightime

momma2Mimi07 02-10-2009 09:21 AM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Good Morning! I'm So excited! Here is our List for Miss Mia:

Up since 9 started this post @ 10:20 EST
1.Overnight: BSRB TIAN with Luxe Soaker
2. GM Trimfold with Green Serging, Coverless
3. Picasso Tums- OBF ELMO Pf, Luxe Soaker
4. GM:Sock Monkey Switched, Luxe Soaker
5. UBIPF, Fleece Soaker
6.Naptime: GM: Ballerina Switched, Luxe Soaker
7. GM: Tulle, Luxe Soaker
8. GM: Lipstick, Luxe Soaker
9. GM Trimfold, Luxe Longies
10. Bed-Time: Baby Kicks OS Hemp Pocket Fitted, Luxe Longies

CrunchyMamaof3 02-10-2009 12:58 PM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Good Morning Mamas it about 10 here so sorry Im starting late but things got out of hand real quick errand which turned into almost an hour with the 4 kids today.....:banghead:

1.Overnight Swaddlebees w/ aplix stuffed with PF and bamboo/zorb liner
2.OBV w/ dark purple snaps and bamboo fleece liner for "quick" trip to target and used fleece pants as his cover... Cash spilt the whole bag of kix in target and when we got home he had kix in his diaper :giggle:
3.OBV w/ turquoise snaps - THANX Autumn I really LOVE this color!!!!!
4. Scooby in the rain
5.Giraffes on blue
6.Busy Bots w/ bamboo fleece soaker with no cover for naptime
7.iced giraffes which got strawberries on it so he was changed before he was wet!
Overnight - Swaddlebees w/ aplix stuffed with PF and bamboo/zorb liner
Nap Time Dino B4 with bamboo/zorb insert

K_mommy0407 02-10-2009 12:58 PM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
I'm kinda boring, but here's what we've used:

Prefolds (Always. It's what I have.)
Cream-colored (natural colored) wool crochet cover with reddish waist (made by me. Red dyed by me. That is why it is reddish and not red. Oops.)
Blue fleece cover (made by me from Malden Mills [now Mill Direct Textiles] fleece in Mallard color)

vinsmommy 02-10-2009 02:54 PM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Afternoon!!!! We were at preschool all morning with the big boy - I was teacher helper so just got home a little while ago.


1. Overnight: Medium Front Snapping Mutt - Elliot Elephant under a melon Thirsties cover
2. GMD Yellow snappied under a Medium Gray WCW Soaker - first of the day
3. Iced Giraffes M/L BS Mutt under a blue Thirsties (at preschool with big brother)
4. Orange Giraffes M/L BS Mutt under the blue Thirsties cover (at preschool with big brother)
5. Tools/Lil Garage M/L BS Mutt under M Gray WCW Soaker - napping at home
6. GMD Yellow snappied under a Tree of Life WCW Soaker
7. GMD Yellow snappied under a Gray WCW Soaker
8. GMD Yellow snappied under a Gray WCW Soaker
9. Blue/Orange Ooga Booga m/l bs mutt under a wcw soaker
10. GMD Yellow snappied under a blue Thirsties cover
11. Overnight: OBV GM under a Thirsties cover

Will continue to update thru out the day!

k8secondo 02-10-2009 04:03 PM

Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!
Just getting on here. Let's see if I can remember...

1. Overnight - BSRB TIAN with Baby Beehind Wool Wrap
2. Tortoise Stripe L FS Mutt - coverless
3. Camo Minky Blueberry OSpocket (out running errands)
4. Cow Print Minky Blueberry OS pocket (still out) It leaked on me! Boo! :(
5. Red GM Velour - coverless for nap

Just now getting back on to finish the list! It was a busy afternoon yesterday!

7. Blue/Orange Ooga Booga L FS Mutt
8. PB&E Grae Preflat under Recycled Wool Longies
9. Overnight - BSRB TIAN with Baby Beehind Wool Wrap

I feel like I'm missing one in there somewhere, but I don't feel like digging through the diaper pail to find out.

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