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nethridge 02-15-2009 09:18 PM

I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
Today was my son's 1st birthday party and it was honestly one of the best days of my life, next to his actual birth. Today was JUST amazing.

Well up until my husband's grandma calls him and started *****ing about how we are not vaccinating, and that's why I'm sick all the time (I have bells palsy...facial paralysis...YEAH, that's surely attributed by my unvaxed son:banghead:)
Anyway, My husband tried to tell her we have done our research and blah blah. She just had this smug attitude and was like "FINE, but when he gets sick, I'm holding YOU responsible." Seriously, WTH?

CHILDREN GET SICK. Vaxed or not. That is what they do to build immunities. I feel bad, because this women grew up during the depression and I'm sure she has seen alot of VPDs in full swing. But seriously.:banghead:

Anyway, It just really really gets my goat when someone who hasn't done an ounce of research to save their life, tires to come in and school us on vaccines.

momof3boys1girl 02-15-2009 09:24 PM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
my mom is the SAME way

NataschaN 02-15-2009 09:27 PM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
I would tell her kind to either shut up about your parenting choices or not to call again. Ever. :hugs:

pantufla 02-15-2009 11:13 PM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
:hugs: Remember that she has had a lot more years of listening to how great and wonderful vaccines are and how many lives they save each year. We have less to overcome. :mrgreen:

Edensmomma 02-15-2009 11:59 PM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
It's that generation. They were lead to believe that hospitals and medications and vaccines are wonderful. My grandma is obsessed with taking a pill for everything. If she coughs, she needs a pill. If she has a headache, she needs a pill. If she is dizzy, she needs a pill. She was actually on so many different medications that she started having adverse reactions and had to be hospitalized. :gah:
A lot of my patients that are that generation think that way too. Just brush it off, you know what you are doing. You have done your research. My MIL is obsessed too. She asks me EVERY.TIME. my dd goes to the pedi for her well baby checkup if she "got shots today?" My answer is the same everytime. No.
ETA: I quick way to shut her up is to print out TONS of information about not vaxing. (A couple books with good information is The Vaccine Book and The Vaccine Guide) Seriosuly, print out a small book and give it to her.

MamaToBe84 02-16-2009 12:08 AM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
I live with my mom who is SUPER pro-vax, and i get this speech about once a month. Shes one of those who doesnt know which shots my sister gets during which doctors appointments, she just "trusts" her doctor, even though she has had damage caused by a doctor's malpractice.

I hate to say it, but i'd just get used to it. Theres always going to be people *****ing at us that dont vax, and blaming everything on a lack of vaccines. Im tempted to start blaming everything ON vaccines to show them up, but i havent yet, lol.

turtle2who 02-16-2009 09:35 AM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
I don't share that info with anyone who doesn't need to know.

The only reason any family knows ds is because my SIL used to care for him in her home daycare and she had to have our exemption on record. I'm lucky nobody talks to me about it. They may talk behind my back but they don't bug me about it.

greek4 02-16-2009 09:37 AM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
Feel confident in your decision and ignore all criticism.

iris0110 02-16-2009 03:24 PM

Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)
I think I probably would have hung up on her. Seriously who calls on a child's birthday to berate their parents? My brother used to pick at me about the kid's vax status. Problem is, his kid is vaxed and not a week goes by that he isn't sick with something. He is always on one or more prescriptions. And anything that goes around he catches. He then exposes my kids to it, but funny enough they don't catch it. He is a good bit meeker about it all now. :giggle:

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