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jhaz1230 02-16-2009 08:50 AM

Hospital rant! *question added in last post*
My best friend had a baby Saturday morning!
This precious little man:
Keegan Jacob

Ugh... the hospital where my BFF is, is going to get an earful from me when I get there! first of all they just JUST sent a LC to see her, second the baby is under the billi lights and no one is telling her anything, third while the baby is under the billi lights she should be pumping and no one will bring her a pump, not even a crappy little hand pump :hairpull:
She has had no one to tell her if the baby is latching right or not so who knows if that poor baby has even eaten anything :banghead:
She is a first time mom and has no idea what she's doing, and no one is helping her and she has no one to be an advocate for her and here I am stuck 2 hours away and I can't do anything!!!
I am so mad :(

Thanks for listening to my rant :)

Monzie 02-16-2009 09:05 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
Its really maddening, how unsupportive some hospitals are when it comes to bf'ing. Sometimes, though, its just a particular duty nurse who is to blame. I was hospitalized for three days after my emergecy c-section and the nurse I had on Day 2 was awful! When I was having trouble with latch, she actually told me it was good to get the baby really upset and screaming, so he'd open his mouth wide enough for me to jam a boob in. Then she demonstrated by grabbing my crying newborn's head and smooshing it into my chest.

After she left the room, I waited for him to calm down and then did what the LC at my prenatal bf'ing class had told me to do....tickle his lips with my nipple and wait for him to open up, tilt his head back a little, then make my boob into a "sandwich," and ease it into his mouth. It worked like a charm! Happy sucking cracked nipples. I'm so grateful I took that class and had some inkling of how to make it work. But when I new mom doesn't enough information beforehand and doesn't have helpful people surrounding her, its imperative that the hospital step in and give her good advice. When they drop the ball, then moms give up and switch to formula.

I hope your friend figures it out and that someone at that hospital finally helps her. Like I said, maybe its just the nurses who are on rotation now and she'll get someone more helpful with the next shift change. *crossing fingers*

FairyBeautifulMama 02-16-2009 09:06 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
Wow. I would be raising some hell just because no one is telling me what is going on with my child. I hope things work out for her and she gets some respect.

jhaz1230 02-16-2009 09:16 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
I am just so mad cause all she has right now is her dad who obviousily knows nothing about bf'ing, and me via text message and that is not enough.
When I had Madi, she was born at 11:05 pm and I had an LC in the room at 3am she came from home in the middle of the night to help me. She was patient she was calm and loving and it was such a wonderful exerience. My BFF has some stupid nurse telling her to "just give the kid a bottle if you want to take him home" Gahh! i could kill someone lol

jhaz1230 02-16-2009 09:17 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
sorry for any typos I am a tad upset :)

momof3boys1girl 02-16-2009 09:45 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
:hugs: how awful

jhaz1230 02-16-2009 10:11 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
I am sure they now think I am crazy :giggle:

I just called the hospital got connected to L&D, reached a nurse and told her she needed to get her a breast pump NOW!!!! I then proceeded to tell them they were doing a crappy job! and there needed to be more support for BF'ing moms.
Am I nuts? :giggle2:

I then got a call from Kelly (my bf) to tell me her breast pump was on its way :giggle2:
I was like "Oh really! That's awesome its about time!" :D

ttmomma 02-16-2009 10:18 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
Good for you and for your friend that you spoke up!

When I had my baby, no LC came to visit, none was offered, not one nurse even asked if I wanted to BF or not. Looking back now, it was weird. But they did have lots of those ready-serve bottles laying around the room for me! Thankfully, I knew I had every intention of BFing so I didn't really think about it at the time how strange it was that not one nurse had asked me what I wanted to do. He just latched on and we never looked back!

Monzie 02-16-2009 10:20 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
Good for you! Hopefully, someone helpful will be able to show her how to use the pump.

You're not nuts at all. I wish every new mom had a such strong person to advocate for them. The hospital can be such an impersonal, intimidating place. Its a shame when patients need to demand decent care but, sadly, that seems to be the way it works these days...

TieNappyQueen 02-16-2009 10:22 AM

Re: Hospital rant!
hope they don't circ without consent like they are known to do around here!

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