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Mom2Taylor 11-29-2006 11:41 AM

Infant asthma or just play?
This is likely jumping the gun here, but I need to ask. Her peds office is closed for lunch right now, but I'm going to give them a ring when the re-open.

Emily has become much more vocal lately...playing around with her voice and "talking" a lot. There's one noise she makes that concerns me. When she breathes in sometimes, it sounds like someone who's trying to catch their breath---like a gasp for air. She's normally playing when she does this. I can't figure out if she's just making that noise because she figured out how to make it and thinks it's funny, or if there's a real issue.

So, I WILL be calling the doctor's office shortly, but do any of your kiddos do this (she's 5mo)? Does anyone have a child who has asthma? What did it sound like when they were babies?

supermomelisa 11-29-2006 11:51 AM

Re: Infant asthma or just play?
Sounds like what Ella did when she was about that age, discovering she "could" make that funny noise.
I would call the ped anyway, since my 8 year old does have asthma and it is not anything to play with, or drive yourself crazy wondering about.
Hugs mama.

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