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Zan 11-29-2006 02:56 PM

Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
The ped said DD has a very soft sounding mummer but that I shouldn't's not like a hole. She says it's a 'flow' mummer similiar to the analogy of a kinked lawn hose. Well I can't help but be concerned. It sounds serious to me. Does anyone else have a baby or child with one of these 'flow mummers'?

Also, I brought up that DD HATES it when we move her arms/shoulders- especially when putting clothes on. I told her about it at her 4mo appt and she checked out her shoulders and said they were fine and it's probably just a DD thing. Well I've noticed that her screams have been sounding more like pain and wanted her to check it again. Ped said that the strength in the arms/shoulders are good and then she touched her shoulders/armpit again via different movements and DD screamed like she does at home. I was thankful for that b/c it seems like you can never get a repeat result when going to the drs office/car repair place, etc!-LOL. Anyways she took it more seriously and said that she wants to have DD get a Physical Therapy eval for her shoulders and gave me a referral for the specailist. She still doesn't think that it's really a problem but it would be a good idea for the PT's to check her out. I don't want it to be a problem, but I have a suspisuion that something isn't right. She has started to do the screaming before I even touch her arms when I'm ready to put her clothes on. Poor thing...

Anyways, I'm feeling nervous, upset, concerned and well...I guess scared. The mummer thing scares me...she's had a lot of feeding problems and was diagnoised with GERD but now I'm wondering if her weight gain issues in the beginning were because of this? Although she's caught up she's still a little peanut but growing well at her growth percentile so I guess I'm not too concerned about that. SO, here's me rambling.

If anyone has any info on infant heart mummers, would you point me in that direction.

I need extra hugs.....

Kimmomy2dom 11-29-2006 03:03 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
DS had a murmur at his 18-month check up, but doc didn't mention one at his 2 year, I think it's gone. :) They are quite common and USUALLY resolve themselves.
:hugs: again, mama!

Shyla 11-29-2006 03:13 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
My ds who is now(3) has a heart murmur. He went to a specialist and did some tests and found that it was an insagnificant(sp?) heart murmer and not to worry about it. You should go and have it checked out to make sure it is nothing serious. HTH

CarrieMF 11-29-2006 03:14 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
Most babies are born with heart murmurs and they're usually gone by 9moths.

I have 2 kids with murmurs. Asha's has been there since birth but I didn't know it until she was 10months. my dr mentioned it because hers didn't go away. She has a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. The valve going into the aorta has 2 leaflets instead of 3. She will need surgery for it but not until she's much older unless she shows signs of the blood going back through or narrowing(stenosis) of the valve/artery. Hers is the kind that she's supposed to have probiotic antibiotics prior to dental work. Hers is a very loud murmur, she sees the cardiologist every 2 years.

Nadia's was not there until she turned 1. Hers is a Stills murmur. With hers it shows up when they're 1-2 and disappears when she hits puberty. She does not need probiotics nor see the cardiologist again. I can't hear hers.

Most murmurs are benign and don't need any follow up or probiotics.

nothing_butt_cloth 11-29-2006 03:30 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
Sorry your appt was so rough on you. I dontknow anything about heart murmeers. but i wanted to say your poor DD!!! That is horribleabout her shoulders... Just curious if anyone in your fmaily has Rhumatoid Arthritis. This is genetic and MANY young children( under ayear even) have it. My mom does and her shoulders were the first to be effected..

Good luck!!

kangamom 11-29-2006 03:32 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
I was told my dd had a heart murmur at 6 months and it was gone by the time she was 18 months. I had the ped look really close too, she is really good at that stuff. She said dd was fine.

mom2kailinconnor 11-29-2006 03:48 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
DS was born with a murmur and still has it. He had an xray and ekg right after he was born and the doc said it is most likely nothing to worry about. We thought it had gone away b/c we couldn't hear it at his 1 month appt, but it came back at 2 months and was there again @ 4 months. I try not to worry myself, but as a mother, that is hard. We have a new ped now, that we have not seen yet, I will make sure she pays close attention to it and if not gone by 9 months, I will likely request another ekg (which is what our old ped said he would do then). Like everyone else said, most of them are benign and a lot of babies have them. I don't expect that to make it any easier on you though, I know it doesn't for me. :hugs:

OrganicMom 11-29-2006 03:55 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
At my daughter's 2 year checkup, our new doctor mentioned that he heard an "innocent murmur". It freaked me out too. And I was a little mad that our previous doctor had never heard it or mentioned it. Like your doctor, ours assured me it was nothing to worry about. Every now and then when I go to the doctor they tell me I have a heart murmur too. Sometimes I ask specifically and they can't find it though.

iris0110 11-29-2006 05:28 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
My dh has an innocent murmur. Actually no one knows if he still has it as no one has looked for it in years, but it was diagnosed in infancy. The Dr's have always just said not to worry about it. He does take antibiotics as a precaution before he has dental work done, but otherwise we never even think about it.

Flmomi 11-29-2006 05:34 PM

Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer
My oldest (now 9) had a murmur as a baby, we saw a specialist, who just listened and said it's a *functional* one and not to worry. He outgrew it by age 1. My middle ds didn't have one as a baby but was found at his 6 yr checkup. With him, we did an echo, and it was found to be a flow issue. Totally innocent, and we were told not to even worry about it. He's 7 now, and is my totally active sports crazy boy :)

That was our experiences with them. It's a scary thing when you hear something is *wrong*. Someone once told me that murmurs can occur when they grow to fast, the heart then has to play catchup. No clue how true that is.

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