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spotsmum13 02-23-2009 12:17 AM

Poor DD
My poor DD was so upset tonight. We had gone away for the weekend with my mum and sister and few friends and their daughter's. When we got back to the city my dad met us (my mum, DD, and I) at a restaurant (please note this is actually a chain restuarant not a little diner) for dinner and so he could take my mum home. On the way into the restaurant a family was coming out with 5 boys and a man carrying a little girl. I didn't see it happen but apparentally he slipped on the ice (that was not salted) and fell on his little girl (who the mother said was 2). They left and we went in and ate dinner. My mum, my DD and I came out at my dad was paying so I could get my mum's bags out of the car. So I pulled my car up behind my parents SUV to make it easier instead of lugging the bags across the parking lot. The next thing I know I hear my DD scream "Poppa" (that is what she calls my dad). My mum yells my dad's name and I look and there is my dad sprawled on his back on the sidewalk just outside the doors to the restaurant. My mum and I go running over. Ok, yes, I did leave the car running with DD in it. My dad is gasping for air. My mum is asking my dad if he is ok. Obviously not. I run inside and yell for help and to call an ambulance. I come back outside and then remember DD in the car (ok, so I forgot about my DD, I know I'm a bad mum). I went and shut off the car and brought her out. At which point she is sobbing. She thinks my dad is dead. The manager of the restaurant comes out and says something about moving him. I tell her no he's not being moved. So you would think they would go and get a blanket but no, so I go back to my car and grab DD's 2 blankets that were on the backseat. Take them over to cover him in. DD is now beside herself crying. I try to calm her down and call a friend to see if she can come get her and take her home. The ambulance arrives before the friend gets to pick up DD. This gets DD more upset. To make a long story short the ambulance didn't take my dad to the hospital because he kept telling them he was ok. His BP was 225/178 but he kept saying he is ok. In the end I got my DD back into the car, and take the blankets with me because my dad got into his SUV to head home. DD refused to even have the blankets near her on the back seat. I don't know what she thinks is on the blankets but I hope she changes her mind after I wash them tomorrow. Oh, and my dad is apparentlly ok. DD is still upset. The restuarant, is going to be hearing from our lawyer, they never did salt the sidewalk, and my dad fell in the same spot at the man with the little girl did. The friend who arrived to take DD home, works for a lawyer and isn't too impressed.

AllyAsh 02-23-2009 02:38 AM

Re: Poor DD
yikes! I bet she was so scared. And I dont think you're a bad mom at all. I think in emergencies we go into autodrive mode and something inside of us takes over so that we can deal with the most important things in the right order. And I think that the most important thing at that moment was making sure your father was stable and breathing. So don't beat yourself up about that.

I hope your father is fine and that your DD recovers from the mental trauma soon!

SarahOxley 02-23-2009 10:34 AM

Re: Poor DD
wow I'd be so mad. And you are not a bad mom. You knew where your daughter was and that she was safe. That is why your mind kicked in to worrying about your dad. I hope something becames of this for you guys!! They need to salt. I'm sorry your daughter had to see that. I hope she can get over it soon. Maybe if she sees papa up and walking around and actually fine, she might be ok then too. That had to be scary for all of you. I hope everything works out!! :hugs:

spotsmum13 02-23-2009 11:03 AM

Re: Poor DD
I actually kept her home this morning from school because she had been up a couple times during the night crying. I think she was having nightmares. She is 7 and I could understand from a younger child them not understanding that he was ok, but she is still very concerned. It is nice to see how much she cares about her family though.

FairyBeautifulMama 02-23-2009 01:39 PM

Re: Poor DD
Have you taken her over to see your Dad today. Maybe seeing him and talking to him will help ease her fears. Hopefully she gets back to her happy self soon. I know it had to have been scary when everything was going on.

And I don't think you were a bad mommy for leaving her in the car. She was probably safer. Not to say she would have run into the road. But at least she couldn't go anywhere.

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