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camomof5 11-30-2006 11:03 PM

I feel terrible
Well I took DD in for her appointment and she got her vax. I just dont have all the info and my S/O insisted because of fears of her catching something bad. Now I feel horrible. She cried when they gave them to her and now she just seems miserable! How can I do this to her again?!?! If only I knew more, I am going to do more research, they poked her three times in one day I think I am going to talk to DR about spreading them out.

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 11-30-2006 11:05 PM

Re: I feel terrible
you can definately request to have them spread out, my kids would get 2 in each thigh, i always gave tylenol first, i feel so bad for them but its for the best, well most fo the meds are not all.:hugs: hope she feels better soon

tessa1002 11-30-2006 11:09 PM

Re: I feel terrible
Theres a good book that everyone always recommends for delayed/selective vax. I can't remember what it is though. :blush: I'm sure someone will pop in with it.

:hugs: I know how you feel though. DS was fully vaxed up until recently, when I decided to delay most and eliminate some. I would always feel horrible when we got home and he was sick, not to mention the way he would scream at the doctors office. :( Last time though he only got one shot, his Prevnar, and he went through the day just like any other! He felt great and I felt great. Don't worry though, you're doing a lot better than me! You're starting to research way before I did. Everything will turn out okay, just make sure you try to stick with UNbiased information, which usually means staying away from the internet! There are a few links I'll try to find for you later that are pretty good, but right now I'm going to sleep. Good luck though! :hugs:

camomof5 11-30-2006 11:13 PM

Re: I feel terrible
Thank you. The rest of my kids are fully vaxed I believe that 2 have ADD My girls but they are coping well so they are not on meds or anything. My son is ADHD (diagnosed at age 3) and I believe he has Aspergers or HFA. Looking to get him to a dr for diagnoses, Now that I read the vax autism connection it makes me wonder, I do not want to have DD have anything because of the vax.

Thanks in advance for the links

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