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lovemygirls 04-23-2006 12:14 PM

need some help with my little one
My 20 month old dd keeps breaking out in HORRIBLE diaper rash. I want to keep her in cloth but I just don't know how to clear this all up. What can I use to help her? What should I be using when I wash the diapers? We're using Fuzzibunz with MOE inserts. I've stipped what do I do? Right now this is my wash routine....

cold rinse
HOT wash, extra rinse

I'm using Sun detergent. Should I change detergents? Please help me figure this out....

woolfulcomforts 04-23-2006 12:15 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
oh no the cream is not helping??

maybe is the fleece??

lovemygirls 04-23-2006 12:18 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
The cream helps but then when it seems to be gone, she breaks out again. I just feel so bad for her. :(

Luvmybabies 04-23-2006 12:24 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
When Corey was having constant rash issues we made the switch to Allen's Naturally and haven't had those issues since. If he does get a rash now we use Dixie Babies Bum Butter and its better almost immediately!

Are you seeing any bubbles in the rinse? Do you have other dipes around to try out on her to see if maybe its a reaction to the fleece? That's all I can think of....

lovemygirls 04-23-2006 12:28 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
We have a front load washer so I'm not sure how I can even check to see if there's any bubbles...but I'm guessing not?!?!? I will change to Allen's Naturally and try that. Thanks for all the help ladies! :D

I could put her in fitted's and see if it's the fleece. The rash gets so bad sometimes that it blisters. I just feel so bad for her! :(

Bare Bottom Gear 04-23-2006 12:29 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
My ds would get a horrible "sore" like blister or something on the tip of his "private" after being in a FB w/ mf insert (like MOE) all night. Not to mention the foul smell coming from them! I couldn't figure it out either.

The doc said to use a diaper rash cream with zinc oxide in it for the sore/rash (they said it was a form of a rash just in a different place). I of course had to use a liner to prevent the stuff from getting on the FB. The cream worked but if I didn't have it on him every naptime and at night time he still woke up with a sore.

I then stripped my dipes, my mf inserts and changed soaps and the amount I was using w/ no avail. I was using Era (and too much I think and wasn't doing a 2nd or 3 rinse). I bought Sun hoping that after I stripped my dipes the prob would go away. It didn't. I stripped the inserts and got some sportwash on them and the dipes....and no change. And the mf inserts still stunk when he'd pee on them even 1x. I wondered if it was the mf inserts causing the sore.

Yesterday I boiled all of my mf and hemp inserts to DEATH! No more stinky inserts! I washed and rinsed them w/ no soap in the wash after I stripped/cleaned my washer and they are smell free and residue free now and I hope that will resolve the problem. (had to clean the washer as even after boiling them and getting all the residue off there was still bubbles in the wash and rinse cycle and I didn't use soap. I wondered if my washer had soap residue built up on it too so I did that first and then washed the inserts.)

I just did this yesterday so I don't know if it will help the sore issue after wearing a CD at night but I will update here tomorrow to let you know how it went. I am hoping it will help the stink issue....that was horrible to smell....:eek:

chunkymonkey'smomma 04-23-2006 12:33 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
I second the Allens Naturally...That is all I use on my sensitive guy!

Just a side thought, could it be a yeast infection?

lovemygirls 04-23-2006 12:40 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
It doesn't look like a yeast infection. I did end up taking Morgan to the doctor 2 months back and had to get some rx cream for her rash (but at that time she had a bacterial infection) so every now and then I put that on it and it clears up for a little bit. When I stop using a cream though she breaks out all over again. Last week I had her in sposies to see if that helped and it did until I put her back in cloth. I'm not going to give up on cloth with her but I just need to figure out what to do with her. We go next week Monday for Maddy's 4 mo appt, I might have the dr just check and see what she thinks.

I'm going to try boiling the inserts later today too!

How do you strip your washing machine?

chunkymonkey'smomma 04-23-2006 12:48 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
I'm going to try boiling the inserts later today too!

How do you strip your washing machine?[/QUOTE]

Definitely try boiling the inserts...This is the instructions I have used on my washing maching

I hope that helps Mama!

woolfulcomforts 04-23-2006 01:32 PM

Re: need some help with my little one
she must be allergic to something..

um can you try using some sort of disp. liner to see if that helps??

have you tried washing the dipes with dawn??

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