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Carrie 05-18-2006 10:04 AM


akrab 05-18-2006 10:14 AM

Re: Bethany!
me too! waiting to hear if it is boyS or girlS :giggle:

Carrie 05-18-2006 10:24 AM

Re: Bethany!
:lostit: I know there are 2 in there! I bet it is a boy and a girl!

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wbkt8 05-18-2006 11:36 AM

Re: Bethany!
:bump: can't wait to hear what you found out :lostit:

hfitz5051 05-18-2006 12:07 PM

Re: Bethany!
Any news yet!?

woolfulcomforts 05-18-2006 01:25 PM

Re: Bethany!

Luv2bemommy 05-18-2006 01:31 PM

Re: Bethany!
:giggle: :giggle: Come oooonnnnn weee areee waitingggggggg... :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

SarieQ 05-18-2006 02:16 PM

Re: Bethany!
Ah! Twins?! Now I am going to have to start compulsively checking this thread! :popcorn:

MamaJenn 05-18-2006 02:40 PM

Re: Bethany!
:bliss: :hehe2: :bliss: :yay: :razz:
I know I know..BUT IM NOT SHARING! She went for a walk..Ill let her update...
I just had to razz you all that I know:lostit: :blush: :laugh:

Luvmybabies 05-18-2006 02:44 PM

Re: Bethany!
You're a meanie Jenn!!!

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