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CakeMama 12-06-2006 02:27 PM

Help! Toddler Food Allergy?
Ok, I just switched my ds to whole milk a month ago and he has been a little constipated. his ped. suggested giving him bran muffins for breakfast. so the last two days we have been trying that. it is working on the constipation but i've noticed that right after i feed him the muffin he starts to get a red like rash on his cheek, (looks like eczema). he's also been waking up at nite crying just for the last two nites, but no runny diapers or vomiting. i have a slight allergy to wheat and wondered if maybe this could be causing the rash?:headscratch:

Mommy2JJ 12-06-2006 11:32 PM

Re: Help! Toddler Food Allergy?
I could be an allergy/intolerance. Was he ffed or bfed before?? Sometimes babies can tolerate formulas or milk from Mom (if she doesn't cosume a lot of dairy) and not really react until they are given whole milk.

My ds is allergic to milk....his first was constipation he was like 2 months old ebf and constipated plus he had "colic" and screamed 24/ not so smart first pedi said just colic. Well I knew at 4 months it wasn't just colic and about that time he started puking like 20+ times a day!!! Ended up he was allergic to milk and had reflux. So we are now milk free and he is on Prevacid and he is a new child....most of the time :giggle:

You could always try soy milk or even rice milk and see if you notice a difference. It's all trial and error really. Do food allergies run in your family besides yourself?? I am no expert but we have had lots of issues with this stuff and are still trying to figure things out with ds.

masonite 12-06-2006 11:35 PM

Re: Help! Toddler Food Allergy?
Eczema can definitely be a sign of allergies. I would check with your Dr if you are really concerned. You can also eliminate things, and see if that solves your problem.

Remember, if your child has a problem with milk, and you start giving him Rice Milk (or the like), that you'll also need to give him calcium!! (You can try those calcium chews, I forget what they are called.)

My son can't have any milk or dairy, so we've been down this road before. He's nearly 2 now.

jkelstaten 12-07-2006 12:32 AM

Re: Help! Toddler Food Allergy?
A wheat allergy or milk allergy is a definite possibility. Even if he's been exposed several times he can "suddenly" develop an allergy because allergies and allergic reactions increase with each exposure to the allergen.

You could try eliminating them and reintroduce them one at a time to see which is really causing the problems. There are many other flours that you can use instead of wheat flour. Rice, potato, and there are others too, but I can't think of them at the moment.

My DDs drink goat's milk because it is the cheapest alternative to cow's milk here. When we were in the states they drank soy milk. They also have soy cheeses available and other soy substitues.

Good luck!!:thumbsup:

CakeMama 12-07-2006 09:04 AM

Re: Help! Toddler Food Allergy?
thanks to all of you! for some reason i don't think it's a milk allergy. i could be wrong. he was ebf from birth to 10 1/2 months. i became pregnant when he was 8 months old and from then on my milk supply seemed to drop and he wasn't thriving. so we switched to formula for the last month and a half. he was on isomil advance which i think is milk-based and never had any problems. the only time i've seen this rash is the two days i gave him the bran muffin. that's the first time he's had anything really with wheat flour in it. i skipped the muffin this morning and just gave him fruit and yogurt and no rash in sight as of now. if he gets it again i'll try eliminating the milk as well. wish us luck! :goodvibes:

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