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doodah 03-26-2009 09:30 PM

I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
We found out in the last few weeks that we are expecting our second little girl. My dh and I are truly happy that she is healthy and strong so far. We LOVE having a daughter and are just as happy to be having a second one. While most people have been happy for us, there has been some rude comments about the baby not being a boy. It's like of course we can't be truly happy unless we have one boy, one girl, perfect little house and don't forget the well-behaved dog! Arrgghh!!! I really don't know why it even bothers me. I should just let it roll off my back, right? I try to make a polite comment like "we are very fortunate to have two healthy girls and couldn't ask for more" but what I really want to say is far harsher. I just do not understand people that are disappointed about the sex and seem to forget that having a baby is not something every woman has the opportunity to do plus there are millions of kids in the world with handicaps of all sorts. Why would I be anything but please when I am expecting a healthy baby???? Then you get the comments about immediately trying for a third in hopes for a boy. Again, totally rude and personal too. I just say "We haven't decided on a third but will be happy to have whatever God blesses us with".

MCR 03-26-2009 09:46 PM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
Congrats on the baby girl on the way, girls are fun and cute, who needs one of each, I have friends with all boys and others with all girls, So long as they are happy and healthy who cares. :hugs:

one_lucky_mom 03-26-2009 09:46 PM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
I can totally understand your feelings. We have the one girl, one boy and I had someone comment to me about us having the "perfect american family" to and I found it odd. I sorta want a third and it would upset me if someone commented on me throwing it off balance or something.

blessedw2pink 03-27-2009 05:20 AM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
I COMPLETELY understand. I adore having two girls. ADORE. It is the absolute best thing on earth.

Now I am pregnant and am having a boy people are literally overjoyed for me. Its kinda wrong.... I kinda wanted another girl. But boy it is! Now I am thrilled, don't get me wrong. But its like you have to have a boy to be complete. :gah:

MumsLittleGarden 03-27-2009 05:53 AM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
I understand mama. I'm a very happy and proud mama of two beautiful girls and I couldn't wish for more. I was thrilled when we found out that our second was going to be a girl because they are very close in age. They are 19 months apart and are best friends. I hope they stay that way throughout their lives.

I still get comments about having two girls and they are now 2 and 3.5! Like people think I'm going to be crying in my cheerios each morning because the only boy in the house is DH. People are stupid. I think it's great if you have one of each or two of one. I don't care. People ask me if we're going to try for a third to get a boy and I always tell them that I don't care what sex our children are, we probably won't have anymore, and even if we did we would NEVER try purposely for one sex or the other. I honestly don't understand the worlds obsession with have the 'perfect' family with one boy and one girl and a dog. I do have the white picket fence though and it is very pretty!:giggle:

NataschaN 03-27-2009 06:37 AM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
Stupid people!:hugs:

Just tell them that they should have a boy then if they thing there is need for another in the world. You are ferfeclty fine with your girls.:thumbsup: :goodvibes:

eljube112 03-27-2009 06:44 AM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
I think that those people are just projecting what THEY want on your beautiful family. Maybe they never got the perfect family and they want you to know that their lives suck royally because of it? :giggle:

I think that two girls actually makes things much easier in a lot of ways. You have lots of hand-me downs and don't have to worry about getting g/n stuff. Plus if they are close in age they will get to do a lot more activities together.

If you want a third then I'd say go for it, but don't let what other people say determine what makes up YOUR perfect family.

And congrats on the baby girl! :D

MamaBink 03-27-2009 12:37 PM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
I hear ya, mama. I think probably all of us whose kiddos are all of the same gender have gotten the same kind of comments. People are stupid. Try not not let them get to you. Congrats on your little girl!

mcpforever 03-27-2009 01:23 PM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
When they ask what gender your baby is, you can head off some of the disappointment that people project onto you/assume you must feel by saying, "I am sooooooo excited we are having another girl. I loved doing it the first time around and I'll get to do it again!"

:blush: :giggle: :blush: And here I was WANTING DD to be a boy before she was born just so that I could have 2 boys. :blush: I must be weird. Then when I was pg with DS2 I wanted him to be a girl so I could have 2 DDs 14.5 months apart. :giggle:

Nandis 03-27-2009 01:40 PM

Re: I do not have a white picket fence...VENT!!
:roflmbo: You should hear what people say to me... I have 4 boys, and people used to ask me all the time if we were going to keep "trying for a girl" and all that... I tended to say, no because I was glad I could say things like "Girls can't do that, you have to..." and not have to worry about teaching something completely different to a daughter. I've never actually said that, by the way... but it's how people like that tend to think. Now it's coming back to haunt me LOL. #5, who should be here in a couple of weeks, happens to be a girl. People say things like, "Finally! That means you can stop now- right?" I tend to be just as rude and say, "NO WAY! That's like the ONLY thing DH does well!" Somehow, that always seems to make the comments stop. :lostit:

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