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msbecky 03-30-2009 08:19 AM

Anyone's baby have hip displaysia/Pavlik Harness?
My DD was born with hip displaysia and was in a Pavlik Harness for 3 months. She's doing fine now (she's 8.5mos) and we've had follow up x-rays, check ups, etc. Except she's behind on crawling and pushing up on all fours. Our orthopedist does not seem concerned, but I just wonder if other parents have experienced this with babies in the harness.

She sits up great, and loves to stand with us holding her hands or leaning against something. She pretty sturdy in that respect. But it seems like she still hasn't figured out how to use her legs/hips for crawling. She'll lean forward from sitting and then just fall flat on her face. And she still HATES being on her stomach. Anyone with similar experiences?

MellieB 03-30-2009 02:45 PM

Re: Anyone's baby have hip displaysia/Pavlik Harness?
My son was in a Pavilk harness from 8 weeks until a couple weeks ago (about 17 weeks total). He's not quite 6 months, and is doing really well. He LOVES sleeping on his tummy, and playing on his tummy. It could just be that your daughter has her preferences. :) Do you still put her on her tummy during the day for playtime, or does she start to cry right away?

smilelykylie 03-30-2009 02:53 PM

Re: Anyone's baby have hip displaysia/Pavlik Harness?
My DD didn't have any hip issues and she still didn't figure out crawling until after 8 months but still walked just before 12. Remember that crawling is not actually a developmental milestone and some kids skip it all together. It is good for them to crawl but not necessary. I have a good friend here who's DD crawled at least as late as mine. Is someone pressuring you concerning the crawling?

msbecky 03-31-2009 06:47 PM

Re: Anyone's baby have hip displaysia/Pavlik Harness?
I don't feel any pressure from anyone at all. I just know that having been in the harness affected her legs (they were really floppy and had no muscle tone once she was done with the harness). You know how babies have that muscle tension around 3 months old that enables them to stand up on your lap? Well, her legs were just like jelly. And that is normal. I checked with our ped and orthopedist. And she eventually built up that strength and now LOVES to stand up. So I know she'll catch up with everything eventually.

I just feel for her because she tries to crawl but is just not capable yet. I'm curious what is the average for babies who were in the harness is.

I put her on her tummy a little bit most days and she really despises it. Just cries and flaps her arms. She also doesn't roll over at all (front or back) though I'm pretty sure she's capable because on the changing table, of all places, is where she starts flipping around and could probably get all the way over. For the most part she's happy, but just gets frustrated when she sitting playing and wants to go forward for a toy or something. Sometimes she goes into a crawl-type position and just flops flat on her face and starts crying. I feel bad for her.

HOWEVER, this evening she went from sitting to an almost full hands and knees position and held if for a minute before falling over. So that tells me she's on the way. Just curious if anyone else has gone through this.


MellieB 04-01-2009 10:10 AM

Re: Anyone's baby have hip displaysia/Pavlik Harness?
Aren't babies amazing? And the best part is that our kids will never remember that brace. :)


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