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desertblossom79 12-10-2006 10:25 PM

Which Britax carseat?
I'm trying to decide between this one:

or this one:

I'm going to be purchasing one of these seats in January/February. Money is not really an issue. Of course, if they are virtually the same seat or the features that make the Boulevard better are only important for a tiny infant I'd rather get the cheaper seat. Currently she's 7mos old and 18.5lbs and her current torso height is 11 inches(per measuring her against the wall mentioned in another carseat thread). Since I'm spending so much I want her to be in this seat as long as possible, does one have higher shoulder slots than the other?

We travel a lot by airplane so one that travels well on an airplane would be nice. Also we are moving to England next year which means I'll need to adjust the belts alot for heavy winter clothing. I read that the Boulevard has a knob just for this purpose, anyone care to comment on the usefulness of this feature? Also, the cars this seat will be installed in are older, 99 Mountaineer and 94 Japanese equivalent of a Toyota Previa, so no LATCH connectors, is one easier than the other to install with a seat belt?

So what is the general consensus? If money isn't an issue, Boulevard or Marathon?



iris0110 12-10-2006 10:31 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
The features that make the boulevard better are important to any child. The marathon and decathalon are only made different by different fabrics and an infant insert (not even necessary in my experience, but I have biggish babies). The boulevard has true side impact protection which is very important. It also has knobs on the side that you turn to adjust the harness height. This both makes it super easy to adjust (a huge plus for you) and able to be set at a custom level for your child, not a level predetermined by the carseat manufacturer. Not a huge issue, but a bit safer any way. Now if money were an issue I would say just go with the marathon, it is a super safe seat. But since you say it isn't I would definately go with the Boulevard. IT is a better seat and well worth the extra $$. Plus I am partial to the Shannon print :giggle: . We have a Wizard (the forerunner to the boulevard) and a Marathon (money was an issue for us as we were replacing them on the insurances dime). I love them both, but the marathon just isn't quite as nice as the wizard, and the wizard is in the car that the kids ride in the most.

ETA: they both install exactly the same in any given car, but for foreward facing both require the upper tether (this can be retrofitted into your cars and most dealers do it for free). The knob adjuster is soooooo nice.

Prettylocks 12-10-2006 10:38 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
Go for the Boulevard. Even if your car already has side airbags, down the road, the carseat may have to be against the window in a friend's car or something, so the extra side impact protection is important. We have one and love it! The kids love it too.

cicily 12-10-2006 10:58 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
FYI - If you decide on the Marathon, Albee Baby has the Luau Fabric for $219.99 + free shipping.

desertblossom79 12-10-2006 11:13 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?

Originally Posted by iris0110 (Post 523507)
they both install exactly the same in any given car, but for foreward facing both require the upper tether (this can be retrofitted into your cars and most dealers do it for free). The knob adjuster is soooooo nice.

They can't just be installed with just the seatbelt? Maybe in the states you can get retrofitting at the dealership but the Japanese dealerships wouldn't know what on earth I was talking about, carseats aren't required here. I don't know about dealerships in England but my van will never touch American soil so I can't take it to an American dealership (it's right hand drive anyways so it's not even legal in the states really) I looked at the user manual on the Britax site and it doesn't say it you have to use the tether but it doesn't say it can be used without it either. My neighbor rigged her top tether on her carseat herself in her van that is similar to mine. There is a hook in the back floor that is actually meant for the back seats to latch to (so her back seats are up in the stored position all the time) It doesn't look safe to me and I can't do that anyways because I have more kids than her and I need my back seat for them to sit and I don't want them crawling over the tether and loosening it and there isn't enough room behind the back seat to install a tether. (How's that for a run-on sentence? ;) )

Anywho, is the tether really required or just really strongly recommended? I suppose there is someway of installing an anchor in that car (dh is a mechanic ) but I can't see where one could go where someone would not have to crawl over it to get to their seat. The Mountaineer I'm sure could be retrofitted before we ship it as it is in the states right now but that's dh's back-n-forth-to-work car and won't hold even just me and the kids (one kid would have to sit in the front seat and I don't even like sitting in the front with the airbags)

Thanks mamas


desertblossom79 12-10-2006 11:16 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?

Originally Posted by cicily (Post 523571)
FYI - If you decide on the Marathon, Albee Baby has the Luau Fabric for $219.99 + free shipping.

I'm really partial to the two prints I linked above and Albee baby won't ship to me anyways. I can't receive packages via UPS or FEDEX so almost no one will ship to me for free. Thanks for sharing though mama, hopefully someone will be able to take advantage of that deal :thumbsup:


JustAugust 12-10-2006 11:38 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
Marathon. Definitely.

soygurl 12-10-2006 11:45 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
Neither seat reaquires a top tether. It's just a little safer that way (the top tether reduces head excusion). Both seats pass crash test standards with or without the top tether.
You should still tether it rear facing though (as long as you can find a sutable place). Check out for info on RF tethering, but please note that that site is out of date and that Britax no longer recomends tethering under the seat that the child safety seat is instaled on.
The ONLY differences between these seats are the infant padding (which you don't need, but could easily still use for a few months), the TSIP wings (true side impact protection), and the harness height andulste knobs. They both instal the same, work the same on airplaines, and have the same top harness height.
I would recomend the Boulevard, no question!

ocfb16 12-10-2006 11:45 PM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
I have the floral marathon and LOVE it, however if I could have afforded the boulevard I would have. I compared them both side by and side and the boulevard has a lot nicer features and more safety features.

sparkygirl74 12-11-2006 08:38 AM

Re: Which Britax carseat?
We have a Marathon and a Boulevard. I do love them both, but you should get the Boulevard. It is safer and it is easier to adjust harness height. They are both very easy to install, with latch or the seeatbelt.

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