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Sarah 05-04-2009 05:52 PM

Pink Cookie Avatars/Comments
It's been brought to our attention that several members have taken a transaction issue overboard and started using avatars featuring pink cookies as a way to mock this member.
Mean, belittling behavior such as this (regardless of your opinion on the transaction situation) will not be tolerated on this board.
All members are being asked to remove the pink cookies from their avatars and/or signatures within the next 24 hours, or strikes will be given and avatars/signatures removed by administration.
Please re-familiarize yourselves with the Rules and FAQ's regarding offensive avatars, the Rules and FAQ's regarding name-calling and the rules and the FAQs regarding attacking fellow Diaperswappers members.

While many members have just jumped on the bandwagon by adding cookies to their avatars, it is important to stop and think about how your actions could make other members feel. How would you feel if dozens of women openly mocked you and, in effect, ganged up on you because of something you said in PRIVATE messages? It's rude, hateful...and just plain mean.

At this time, all discussion of the Pink Cookie issue and the mama involved in that transaction are to stop. Failure to comply will result in immediate strikes and possibly banning from the site.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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