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Katelyn'sMomma 12-14-2006 07:30 PM

NO SLEEP!! Constipation and Gas??
OK---I thought my DD was just gassy when I tried to give her cereal but I gave her no cereal today, just breastmilk but she is still really gassy! Is there anything I can give her for gas besides Mylicon or Gripe Water (homeopathic). I would love to try something natural that actually WORKS but I dont know of anything. Maybe for constipation? Is there anything good for that? I stopped giving her her supplemental vitamins that the Dr told me to give her since I thought the iron was binding her up but she doesnt seem any better. What can I give her for constipation? She pushes and grunts like she has to poop but mostly just gas follows. It is affecting her sleeping as she has napped for 1 hour at 1030 this morning and is still awake now. I need help and I hate calling the peditrician because they dont really help. Any ideas??:headscratch:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 12-14-2006 07:44 PM

Re: NO SLEEP!! Constipation and Gas??
for constipation give her 50% applejuice
smething that worked great and recomened though by my awesome med is the white Kyro syrup, i'd do 1/2 oz syrup to 2 oz water, works fast and is aweosme. the sugars is what helps constipation
as for the gas, we do olive oil
warm some up and rub it on your hands and on the belly and rub the babys belly, its warm and helps your hand glide and you masage the gas down, the baby can pass it easy, we did this with both kids and my mom and grandmothers on both sides also used this method:)

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