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sweetcin 05-11-2009 12:06 PM

To pursue or not
Now that I'm a SAHM, I've been having a little more time in my hands (when the baby's asleep :giggle: ). I've been making hair clips for my girls and niece. I know there are a few WAHM here already that make clippies. Just wanted to know if you all think this is something I should keep doing and maybe start selling them. If so, how do I start?
Here are a few pics I took of some of the ones I've done.

hempy_hannah 05-13-2009 05:21 PM

Re: To pursue or not
Ohh these are so cute! I can see these being so adorable in little girls' hair...

I like that you even updated the type of clip you used too. I remember wearing these style or hair accessories as a kid and they would always pinch at my hair and rip out a few strands =( So good job on that!

For selling it looks like the DS FSOT forums are a good place to start, or if you want to start your own online shop for handmade stuff, check out It's a great place "for all things handmade" =) Good luck on your selling!

sweetcin 05-13-2009 06:08 PM

Re: To pursue or not
Thanks mama!
I've been looking into selling some on etsy. I ordered a bunch of cute ribbons and stuff. I'll see what I can do ;)

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