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3MonkeysMomma 05-11-2009 10:44 PM

Any interest in fleece quilts?
I saw these somewhere and my oldest son loved it so I made him one. Several of my friends recruited me to make them for their kiddos as well so I am starting to wonder if it might be something I could actually make and sell?

It won't allow me to post pics yet, so I guess I will have to describe them?:headscratch: They are just squares of coordinating fleece hand-knotted together to form a quilt (not sewn). There are craft kits they make that have the pieces already pre-cut, but I made mine with "themed" fabrics in 3 coordinates (ex: monkey fabric, coordinating solid, coordinating stripe or polka dot, coordinating solid, coordinating stripe). Anyway, there are rows of short knots that my little guys love to play with and chew on and apparently my friends' babies like that part as well.

What do you all think?

Here is a pretty bad WIP pic (I took it for my friend who was asking me about them just so she could get an idea of what they were like...)

3MonkeysMomma 05-13-2009 01:38 PM

Re: Any interest in fleece quilts?
No interest or do I need to post pics for better feedback?

I am working hard to get to 50 posts!! :goodvibes:

3MonkeysMomma 05-13-2009 01:40 PM

Re: Any interest in fleece quilts?
I should probably add that I am basically only looking to make something and sell to pay for ODS preschool next year...

mommyof2wildboys 05-13-2009 04:38 PM

Re: Any interest in fleece quilts?
I personally wouldn't purchase that type of blanket because it it something I could make myself. They are very cute though.

3MonkeysMomma 05-18-2009 11:10 AM

Re: Any interest in fleece quilts?
That is very true! I did add a WIP pic to my OP just in case anyone wasn't sure what I was talking is not the best picture though so maybe I would have been better off w/o it. :giggle:

marahbelle 05-18-2009 02:46 PM

Re: Any interest in fleece quilts?
I feel your pain. It's hard to get in all those required posts! I love the blanket, it's really cute. Would I buy it? Only if it cost the same or less than what it would cost me to make it myself.

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