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CarolinaMama 05-28-2009 10:49 AM

Calling all Reglan Mom's!!!!
A friend of mine alerted me to this study...
I think I am going to stop taking Reglan now. She has domperidon (sp?) that she is going to give me. We are almost to year, but I am still want my dd to give me the weaning signs before we stop. What do you mama's think? Is this new study enough for you to quit Reglan? I know it is is making me tired and giving me a bit of the blues. I worry what could be passed on to my dd as well. I hope I do not get any withdrawal symptoms...

This part got my attention..

"Do not take Reglan in larger amounts than recommended, or for longer than 3 months. High doses or long-term use of metoclopramide may cause tremors or other uncontrollable muscle movements, especially in older women. Stop using Reglan and call your doctor at once if you have tremors or uncontrolled muscle movements, fever, stiff muscles, confusion, sweating, fast or uneven heartbeats, rapid breathing, depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself, hallucinations, anxiety, agitation, seizure, or jaundice (yellowing of your skin or eyes)."

momof3boys1girl 05-28-2009 10:58 AM

Re: Calling all Reglan Mom's!!!!
I take domperidone. My midwife told me it was safer than Reglan

Heather8183 05-28-2009 07:12 PM

Re: Calling all Reglan Mom's!!!!
I was told that Reglan only had these issues if you're allergic to it or on it for long periods of time...

sdodge 05-28-2009 09:14 PM

Re: Calling all Reglan Mom's!!!!
I took Reglan for about 2 months. It helped a little, but I did not see big results from it. My doctor told me that with it, it usually reaches a max point and then you won't need it anymore??? You might ask your doc about this, as maybe you won't need it anymore.

Just a thought.

rcarver 06-02-2009 07:40 AM

Re: Calling all Reglan Mom's!!!!
I took Reglan for about 6 months. That was over 18 months ago. I just got the class action law suit info and realized that I'm having side effects. I'm getting restless leg type of symptoms about 2 night a week. Anyboy else?

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