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tng_mama 12-24-2006 04:09 AM

Track Santa
Here's a link to the NORAD website, it's great, it even has "video" of Santa at different cities, and a number that you can call to get live updates. My kids loved it last year...and even though it's only 7am here, they have already asked to check it this year...

Just thought I'd share

Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful families! :hugs:

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 12-24-2006 06:45 AM

Re: Track Santa
I love that site :)

my 8 yo cracked me up, I showed him one of the videos, and he's like "can't they get a better picture?" :rofl: I'm like you brat they are trying to get Santa in the sky what more do you want :giggle:

mamato3 12-24-2006 01:34 PM

Re: Track Santa
Thats awesome thanks :D

Sarah 12-24-2006 05:42 PM

Re: Track Santa
we do this every year. It really helps to get the kids in bed if they think Santa is close.

travelinmom 12-24-2006 06:09 PM

Re: Track Santa
Cool, they had a story on this in our local paper.

fawnlovesjasper 12-24-2006 06:43 PM

Re: Track Santa
we have been waiting all week to watch... we have watched all day long, and now the kids don't want to go to bed they want to track santa!! I was worried my 8yo was on "the way out of santa" but he is totally into it.. yipee he still hears the bell!!!

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