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daizydoo 05-21-2006 05:16 PM

Fenugreek ?'s

I just picked up some fenugreek today to try to up my supply. My daughter is eating off both sides and is still acting hungry and I've heard alot about fenugreek increasing supply- my ? is do you just take it until your supply increases then stop or do you continue to take it. This may be a stupid ? but everyone I talked to about it told me they smell like maple syrup and I was didn't know if you would attract more bugs because of smelling sweet. We are just getting into our mosquito season and usually bugs are attracted to sweet smells. As I said this may be a silly ? but it got me thinking about that. Thanks for any input.

Debbie :goodvibes:

~stacy~ 05-21-2006 06:20 PM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I'm pretty sure you have to keep taking it. I think it makes you smell more like spicey indian food (curry) than sweet. But that's just my :2cents:
I think using hairspray will attract more bugs than taking fenugreek will. I took it in the summer and had no more problems with bugs than usual. Unfortunately, I started taking mine about 3 months into nursing and it had no noticeable effect. I hear the earlier you start taking it the more effective it is. But, that said, there were plenty of times that it seemed DS drained both sides and was still hungry. It was very frustrating for us both, but it turned out to only last about a week at a time before my supply upped itself naturally. I think it was just typical growth spurts. We both made it through fine and he still gained weight just fine. We are still happily nursing at 13 months and my supply is as strong as ever. I think as long as she keeps gaining okay you can expect a few bumps in the road and not worry about it too much.

Good luck!


Kimmomy2dom 05-21-2006 06:40 PM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I sure smelled like maple syrup, LOL. I can't tell you much about bugs - it was winter when I took mine but I doubt you'd attract A LOT more. I think sooner or later you could stop taking it after you up your supply. After that nursing should keep your supply high enough... is there an LC that you can find around there to ask, too? You can also try and wean yourself off of it slowly and see what you think.

negrapy 05-21-2006 07:32 PM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
Maybe you daughter is just going through a growth spurt and your production will catch up quick :) Or maybe she is just a sucker (mine was and had colic...imagine the possibilities LOL)
but if not I took the fgreek with blessed thistle, supposed to have better results and the doc said if you don't smell like it you aren't taking enough. My husband said I smelled like pancakes :) Made him hungry. But I quit taking it after a little while becuase I was always too engorged so obviously my baby's problem wasn't hunger even though it seemed like it. And now four months later he has two chins. Try reading Dr. Jack Newman's breast feeing articles. Just type in those words and it will be easy to find. He is a specialist in Toronto, Ca
Our bodies are amazing that they can almost always match what our babies need. Don't get discourage. Check other factors to see if your baby is gaining weight and making change her diapers, she could be restless for lots of other reasons, even including teething depending on how old she is

Tummy 05-21-2006 07:37 PM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I took Fenugreek for a while.. maple is the right smell!!! I did not attract more or less bugs, but can tell you that I did not need to wear deoderant (not that I wear it anyway).

It was not a matter of taking it for a week and then stoping for me. I kept taking it to keep up the suply.

~stacy~ 05-21-2006 08:31 PM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
Oh yeah, I took it with Blessed Thistle too. I have a book by Jack Newman that recommended that. I also found Dr. Jay Gordon's website extremely helpful in what to expect when going through growth spurts as well as a bunch of other stuff I didn't expect or know what to do about with breastfeeding. You can check it out at:


marisal 05-22-2006 07:08 AM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
i believe you only take it until your milk supply is up, you don't need to continuously take it. i used it for a few days and then gave the rest to a friend who used it for a week and we both had significant changes.
as far as the sweet smell, there may be something to that. i remember when i went to venice, italy when i was pregnant (and mosquitos are attracted to pregnant ladies) i woke up after one night and had over 30 mosquito bites!

png_lovebirds 05-22-2006 10:54 AM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I also have the same problem as the OP!
How long does it take to start seeing a change??? I only have enough to feed my DS and no extra! I would like to have some extra so that I can pump!!
Thanks for all the info!

quarli 05-23-2006 12:53 AM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I can honestly say I notice a difference within 24 hours of taking it. I dont take it full time right now (take it for 2 weeks stop for 1), but will be soon cause I found a good deal on it, and now ill be able to afford to take it all the time :)

~stacy~ 05-23-2006 03:20 AM

Re: Fenugreek ?'s
I have also heard, if you want to pump extra milk, you should pump for 10-15 minutes each side after baby is done eating. This applies even if there is no milk. The extra stimulation tells your body that baby needs more milk and it responds (eventually) by upping the supply. But it's a lot of work and you have to be consistent about it to get good results. I had a friend who did this and it worked for her.

Also is a wonderful site for info on Breastfeeding with lots of good advice.


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