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Carolina Kel 06-30-2009 03:20 AM

Taking the pumping show on the road

I need some advice from all of you awesome mamas! I'm an EP'ing Army mum, and my DH just got his marching papers taking us from Fort Lewis, WA to Fort Bragg in NC.

So here's the situation:

We will be driving from WA to Wisconsin (about 2+ days) and I will be taking the pumping show on the road. We will have another person with us to help kid and cat wrangle (a baby and 3 cats does not make for a happy trip! :beafraid: ).

I have a sizable oversupply (I donate for a pair of surrogate twin girls in
addition to feeding our DS), and don't want any of it to go to waste because I will be rebuilding my freezer stash once we hit WI. I will be donating my entire freezer stash as we have no way to transport it, and no place to keep it while we look for housing as our Mafia-sized deep freezer will be in storage.

So you awesome mamas... I need some advice on how to keep the mama juice as good as possible while on the road!

We're making the move in August, and it will no doubt be hot as blazes in
the great plains...


momof3boys1girl 06-30-2009 09:26 AM

Re: Taking the pumping show on the road
LOTS of ice..Everything you pump as long as iced real cold should be good till u can freeze(i think can go up to 5-8 days). Your not taking frozen right? I thought you said you were donating that? As long as you dont take frozen what you pump should be fine on ice. Maybe stop midway and add more fresh ice.

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