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TwilightMommy 07-24-2009 06:33 PM

Kidney stones..I'm away
I'm in one transaction with a mama whom paid for a tee shirt..i through her in a free matching sticker but its getting the label printed and to the post office (i am staying in contact shes very understanding right now) ill get my mamaw or someone to drop it off tomorrow for me.
i thought i could today but at 10am it hit me again and ive been in pain fo ra bout 10hours straight screaming and crying my mamaw came and dh had to leave work again early.

ive spent my day in hot hot water in the bath tub thats the only relief then going back and laying on heating pads...i could not get comfy in bed.

this hurts worse then labor.

its eased off now i was finally able to stoping throwing up (sorry) and keep something down.

please everyone pray for me this passes quickly..i had dds preschool appointment and when i got there i had to turn around and leave ay hi to the teacher get paperwork and i was gone...i couldnt miss it though.

but just wanted to update i thought id be fine but evidently not.

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