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Sunshine 01-05-2007 12:06 PM

celtic embroidery ?
I'm participating in a secret diaper swap. My swap buddy says she would love medieval embroidery. Is this the same as celtic? I'm at a total loss and feel stupid for asking. She also said she would love a tie dyed diaper! Any suggestions as to where to find one? Thanks!

urchin_grey 01-05-2007 12:36 PM

Re: celtic embroidery ?
Hrm... they're related I guess but Celtic refers to a group of people (and they're culture) and medieval refers to the middle ages (as in a time period) and the culture during that time. Sorry, I probably didn't explain that well. :blush:

Anyway, generally when people say that they like medieval stuff they usually mean all the fantasy type things like dragons and wizards and such. But I don't know if she meant that or not...

But, a lot of art in the Middle Ages *was* influenced by the Celtic people... so maybe she would like something like that. Middle Earth Diaper has Celtic embroideries. I'm about to get one made with the wolf as a matter of a fact. :) I bet she would really like the lion - it looks like it belongs on a knight's flag or something. :giggle:

Oh, and here's the link:


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