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Carrie 05-24-2006 08:27 AM

Frugal Eating Support Thread
O.K. it is confession time for me. I wanted to figure out where all of our money went this month. I went through our bank statement online and figured out that we spent 893.07 on groceries and toiletries in the past month :blush: :blush: :blush:. It needs to be half of that, at most. No, we don't buy champagne and caviar. We actually eat pretty simply most of the time, and we are stocked for the next two weeks except for perishables. But we think we can afford luxuries like wine and starbucks, and obviously we can't. So here are some of my strategies:

Stop shopping at Whole Foods except for meat and milk, and then only twice a month
Don't buy anything that isn't on the list
Stock up on staples (like coffee :blush:) at Sam's when we get paid
I signed up for the $1 trial of thegrocerygame so I'm going to look for specials there on items we normally buy

Does anyone want to start a frugal eating support thread with me? We could share strategies, thrify menus, and most importanty check back in to keep each other on track. I feel like Dh and I are food shopping addicts enabling each other!

Mindi 05-24-2006 08:31 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
I'd be happy to hope on here! With 6 of us and summer coming I can use all the help I can get!
One thing I do is make a menu for the week and ONLY buy what is needed on that menu. We go through a gallon of milk about every day or so so I do need to go back for that but otherwise I try not to go unless I need something really bad!
Now that summer is coming I try to get my fruits and veggies at road side stands. Much fresher and better.
I use coupons as much as I can too. I *buy* them on ebay in bulk and stock up when I can get stuff free or next to free. (i have so much shampoo and conditioner and deodorant and toothpaste in the closet I don't need to buy for the next year :blush: )
Thats all I can think of right now.

Carrie 05-24-2006 08:37 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
Awesome! I definitely feel that sticking to the menu is the key for us. We have tons of extra soap and shampoo stuffed in the bathroom cabinets. I told Dh that we are using every bit of it before we buy more. Dh *cannot* live without his Old Spice deo, Neutrogena lotion, and Mach 3 razors, while I can get by with any old cheap stuff!

havanadaydreamin 05-24-2006 09:18 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread

Originally Posted by Carrie
Awesome! I definitely feel that sticking to the menu is the key for us. We have tons of extra soap and shampoo stuffed in the bathroom cabinets. I told Dh that we are using every bit of it before we buy more. Dh *cannot* live without his Old Spice deo, Neutrogena lotion, and Mach 3 razors, while I can get by with any old cheap stuff!

For the Mach 3 razors, try to get them from Sam's or BJ's. They are a bit more expensive the first time, but a pack of them will last DH & I around 6 months or so. I use the razors as well on my Venus razor.

keegans_mommy 05-24-2006 09:27 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
We spend at LEAST $600 a month for 6 people.

We save money by not eating meat at every meal, as meat is very expensive and full of crap anyway. We get proteins from other sources and meat a few times a week only. :)

We do go through 1/2 gallon of milk a day and it's organic but that is one place we will never go back to regular milk on.

We shop Trader Joe's rather than whole foods, mostly. I do visit a whole foods maybe once a month.

We belong to Costco and they are getting more and more natural/organic foods in so we are able to save even more now! So we buy our meat, milk, eggs, cheese, juice and fruits/veggies there. Also, our paper towels and toilet paper there.

We make our bread and most of our cookies. Our kids eat fruits and cheese sticks for snacks and don't forget that eggs are VERY versitile and CHEAP!

We use cloth napkins when we eat so that we save on paper towels and use specially designated cloths for cleaning so that saves on paper towels too ;)

We make our cleaners, mostly from baking soda and vinegar so we don't buy cleaners. It costs us about $4 max for these 2 items so cleaning isn't a money issue.

Of course we CD so that isn't an issue as well as using cloth wipes. :) We buy the trader Joe's laundry detergent, use 1/3 of their recommended and use borox to boost it as it's cheaper and lasts longer that way and does a fabulous job at it! :thumbsup:

We buy ONLY what we need and make what we want so I'd have to say we are a pretty healthy family. ;) Not only that but also the benefits of eating this way keeps us away from doctors offices so that saves us $20 a visit and then up to $20 per prescription and OTC meds.

Ashley 05-25-2006 02:22 PM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
I PM'd you and it was rejected back...Please PM me. I am in Raleigh too!

MamaLove 05-25-2006 02:42 PM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
If you can...MOVE TO HAWAII!!! :yay: If you live in Hawaii, organic food is cheap...cheaper than imported food. Seriously, food grows like weeds here, and is very cheap at the farmers market. I'm talking about 5 papayas for $1, 15 bananas for $3, $1 zucchinis, 5 eggplants for $3, greens for $2/bunch, and that's local and organic at the farmer's market. There's all you can eat avocados, coconuts, oranges, sugar cane, and mac nuts for free! The only food we buy from the store is a $12 bag of basmati rice every other month, molases, and toothpaste. It is pretty crunchy here, though.:giggle:

Tonya 05-25-2006 03:31 PM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
I would join a Frugal Thread. I have 5 teenagers in the summer...we spend about $1000 on food a month when my husbands children are here. I am not a coupon clipper....but would be interested in cheaper meals.

jjaelovesenglish 05-26-2006 01:17 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
I am definatley in. My hubby and I are having my 16yo nephew here for a month and we are having a hard time with the food budget as well. We will soon have an abundance of food at the fruit stands, but it still gets very expensive. We had a budget of 400 for food and other esentials (soap, formula (big killer) and toiletries) and we went over a bit. :blush: We were trying to bring it down from 500 a month. I can't wait for the baby to eat more solids or goodness gracious drink whole milk. (And yes, I did breast feed for five and half months before I had to quit from many infections.)

Anyone know how to make their own (good, healthy) baby food? My baby is 7 months old.

LittleHobbitsMomma 05-26-2006 01:49 AM

Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread
I'm in too! Feeding six is proving expensive! The growing season is super short in Alaska, and there won't be produce at the farmer's market until June and it tapers off in August. Produce is expensive in the stores: the more $$ you pay means the faster it got here ie. flown in, the stores that have cheaper produce usually have it trucked up from Anchorage and it is a lot closer to spoiling. Organic produce is super pricey, except when it goes on special. Like my kids eat veggies anyway - yeah right! I would love to cut expenses in the grocery bill!

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