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Shawnah 09-15-2009 06:26 AM

Fall List A-E
M2M - its all about giving to other DS members whether they are in financial need or just need some cheering up. Its amazing that even the smallest gesture will brighten someone's day.

Keep in mind, there are NO requirements as to what the recipient is to do (or not do) with the item (not required to re-gift, offer it FFS, etc). We STRONGLY encourage members to do this though - help out another member or brighten someone else's day just as someone did for you. If you give, give for the sake of giving with no concern as to where the gift ends up, or how.

There are some expectations of the recipient though - no matter what, be thankful. Some items may not work for you or may not be the best quality, but it was sent with a kind heart and should be received by one. Be sure to post a thank you thread as well - even if the gift was sent anonymously, it lets the mama know her gift found its way.

Due to potential liabilities, we will not hold on to personal information (addresses, etc). We will only be managing NEED/WANT lists. You will need to contact the person you would like to send to yourself. If you wish to give anonymously, you may want to find a friend to contact the person for you.

Please do not try to get the address from another member without the recipients knowledge. Likewise, please do not share personal information you were privy to because of a transaction. This is a violation of a members privacy, she should choose when and how her address is shared.

To add yourself to the list, just copy the template below and use it as a guide for your post.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the M2M moderators (names located at the bottom of the forum).

Please use this format:


Requirements - You must have 50 posts and have been a member of DS for at least 3 months. If you meet the reqs, you may join the group by going to "Group Memberships" in your User CP .

If you receive a gift, please do the following:

User Name: Shawnahs
Needs: None
Wants: Yankee Candle Christmas tarts, Gymbo size 7 dresses

Thank you to _____ for the dress!
Thank you to _____ for the ______!

I would like to see this in your original posts. Please feel free to add in your siggy as well.

DOMINIQUE 09-24-2009 09:07 AM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: Dominique
Needs: yymn spot for longies, Amber teething neclace, tiny trainers to fit 15 lbs, split crotch pants, and a bblp
Wants/Likes: Any books or printed info on ec, kols 1s or kols 0 in need of elastic (0s only fit if the elastic is shot) other newborn, small, or one size fitteds with shot elastic

ELeigh 09-29-2009 10:10 AM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: Eleigh

Cloth wipes
Medium/large fitteds for DS
Pail liner

3 year old DD loves anything with Tinkerbell
Would love some longies for DS (he's 18 months, in a med/large diaper/size 24 mon clothes)
4T long sleeved shirts for DD
Would LOVE a woven wrap
Any sewing/knitting supplies

doodah 10-10-2009 06:01 PM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: Doodah

2T and 3T fall/winter girls clothing (anything would be great including play wear)
sizes 5 and 6 fall/winter toddler girls shoes
size small fitteds for my newborn (girl or gn)
trainers for my toddler girl

kid DVDs, baby or toddler toys and books (for my daycare)
fabric (I make clothing and a variety of crafts and would use a variety of fabric)
baby dolls and accessories for my toddler daughter
kid art supplies or craft kits (markers, crayons, felt, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.)
anything Dora, Diego or Care bear themed
scrapbook items
sewing and craft patterns
kids music cds
any books or supplies to help me with my preschool curriculum at daycare

CookieMama 10-12-2009 10:05 AM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: CookieMama

size 12-18 month clothing for DS
maternity tops/skirts/dresses (size small or medium)
belly band

wahm samples
ergo baby carrier
anything to cheer a mama up :D

bethsflutterby 10-12-2009 06:07 PM

Re: Fall List A-E

--1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum
--Big Boys undies sz. 12-14 or boxers (any really)
--Big Girls Undies size 7-8, shoes size 11.5-12, tops sz 7-8/ long skirts in size 7ish
--Chapter Books for a boy on a 5th grade reading level...or classics ;)
--ANY ART/school supplies

my girls love all things girly....
they LOVE lip gloss & nail polishes, wubzy, Strawberry SC, Carebears, & Holly Hobbie :)

My DS LOVES BOOKS....and pokemon, bakugan, Star wars, and would love any Big Boy DVD's or maybe Harry Potter books & DVDs ;)
I love coffee, wahm chapsticks, lotions, yarn...newbie knitting stuff, etc!

angelina_lover 10-13-2009 10:21 PM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: angelina_lover

For my little sister who is a single mom of twin boys and
pregnant with a little girl due in April and another dad gone amuck and left her alone :banghead: ..... :hugs:

Newborn and small diapers (fitteds, aio's, pockets, prefolds)
Girly covers (fleece, wool, pul)
Thank you to all the amazing mamas on here that will be able to help and those who can offer prayers :hugs:

bryandcam+2 10-14-2009 02:41 PM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: bryandcam+2

Xl/XXL maternity winter tops and pants
small girlly wool
rar os diaper
night time trainers for boys (3t) and girls(18M)

rar os dipes
anything pink, purple girlly

Bumbe123 11-12-2009 02:13 AM

Re: Fall List A-E

Similac checks or coupons--low Breast Milk and my supply dried up :cry:
Any type of disposeable diaper for daughter (size 3) or son (size 5)
Diaper cream
Children's Zertec or generic equivalent--son has bad allergies and even the generic is so expensive (along with the formula and dipes)
Books for my children

Anything girly--headbands, clippies, tutus, dolls
Would love any WAHM wares--ispy bag, felt foods, crayon roll for son and daughter, etc.
Longies or skirtie: Waist=17, R=15, I=7.5, Hip=18
Son: W=19, R=19.5, I=11.5, Hip=19
Anything Thomas the Train or Cars (from the cars movie) related
Any type of car for my son-loves matchbox, hot wheels, trains.
Craft Kits
Any Toddler or baby DVDs--Sesame Street, Arthur, Thomas, Elmo, Baby Einstein
Amber Teething necklace for daughter

For me:
Mama pads
Dryer Balls
Any type of make-up--I'm fair skinned.
WAHM sample wares
Lotions, lip balm, even samples of hair products, etc.

Thanks mamas for looking :)

CrunchyMama0607 11-26-2009 12:08 PM

Re: Fall List A-E
Username: Crunchymama0607
PF to fit a 20lb 5mth old boy
Medium covers
Color Wonder sets
Stocking stuffers for 6mth old (thats how old he'll be on xmas), 2yo, 3yo
Childrens books
Birthday gifts for DS1~he'll be 2yo on 12/19
Desp. need a carrier to carry my baby in, I'm not good with wraps or ring slings.

Wants/Likes: any candles except vanilla, stickers for the kids, incense, doll for my soon to be 2yo boy

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