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tjcjlc99 01-11-2007 09:58 AM

? for those wohm that pump
how often do you pump when at work? i am starting back to work PT for a 3-11 shift. would pumping 3x be adequate to keep my supply up? i have a medela harmony pump if that makes a diff. thnks.

havanadaydreamin 01-11-2007 11:07 AM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I pumped 2x a day while I was at work for 8 hours with an Ameda PY. I never had a supply issue

ebutterfly782 01-11-2007 12:05 PM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I'm awful then... I pump once at 11:15. I feed DD at 7:00 before I leave in the morning. I pump at 5:30 in the morning before that. I then feed DD as soon as I get home at about 3:30. I also pump while I feed her at 3:30. I haven't had that bad of a supply issue. I usually get enough for the next day.

roocraw4d 01-11-2007 07:33 PM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I wish I could do that!
DD is 8 months and I have been EPing. I pump 6-8 times a day and she eats 4 times a day. The only time I get enough for one of her meals is first thing in the morning.

whiterabbit 01-11-2007 09:56 PM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I'm away from my ds from 7am to about 4pm. I pump 2x and I never have had a supply issue. I did the same with my other 2 daughters as well.

doberbrat 01-12-2007 10:14 AM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I pump on the way to work, at 10:30, 2:30 and on the way home plus before I go to bed.

Each session is 30min for me.

I think the real issue for you will be that the harmony is not really intended to be a long term use pump. all of that manual pumping may get to you. (I could never do it) plus it will take you 2x as long to single pump as double pump.

g'luck though.

tjcjlc99 01-12-2007 12:12 PM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
i dont have the $$ for an electric pump. plus dd only eats on 1 side each feeding so thats what i planned on pumping each time anyway.

loni1090 01-12-2007 08:31 PM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I pumped or BF right before I left for work. Then I pumped about every 4 hours. Then when I got home, I nursed my DS. Never had a supply problem

BarbieAnn79 01-17-2007 03:27 AM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I am not working away from the home-i pump for my daughters gastrostomy (G tube) feeds.. i pump every 3 hours during the day at twice at night.. every 3 hours seems reasonable. I used to use the Ameda hospital grade but bought my own used PIS (medela) i really like the medela pumps better..The harmony is a great one!

mmskids 01-17-2007 08:06 AM

Re: ? for those wohm that pump
I'm still pumping for my 9 month old and I just cut down to once a day. Until now, I was pumping 3 times a day during the 12 hour period that I was gone. He's my 5th baby that I'm pumped for and I've never had any supply issues. I try to exclusively BF on weekends.

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