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Marielblewis 01-11-2007 07:19 PM

We need to advocate more...

It is really sad that the American attitude toward breastfeeding is getting more intolerant.

Calideedle 01-11-2007 07:24 PM

Re: We need to advocate more...
That is so sad that people actually believe Formula is just as good :(

ETA: OMG, only 18% still get BM at 12months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! That is so low!

loni1090 01-12-2007 08:51 PM

Re: We need to advocate more...
Wow, 18%. That is sad.
What can be done to advocate though? Whenever any of my relatives and friends get pregnant, I always try to talk about BFing in a positive manner and offer help if they need any.

presleycaedmon 01-12-2007 10:17 PM

Re: We need to advocate more...

Today I was having lunch with a friend (a fellow CD'er) and her little boy was sleeping and she was bouncing/rocking him at the table while he was nuzzled into her chest. I jokingly made the comment "You're lucky you're not a breastfeeder...Presley would've had my shirt over my head and my bra off by now! LOL" Her response was "Well...he's 18 months old so even if he was breastfed he wouldn't still be nursing." I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything at all.

Why do people think that when a baby has been out of the womb for 365 days they stop needing breastmilk?! Insanity!

*~Mindy~* 01-13-2007 04:27 AM

Re: We need to advocate more...

dont know what TO do. my godson, his moms sister had a 6mo and she said it felt like her bf playing with her the 2 ties she tried, so she couldnt. my godsons mom tried a few times, the nurses lied some mroe (i HATE that hospital btw in case youbve never read anything by me talking about my brother or godsons births) and said he didnt have formula, that formula is better, andthat it wouldnt bother the baby to get formula and then bm later when she was ready to try :sigh: one did try to help her, and was really sweet but she got thre about when she had to leave :sigh:

then she had another one, she says she did 3 months, but i have no idea i wasnt around until she wa 4 months old and they moved back home again.

then hr sis had another one and didnt evemn try, period. her bf wouldnt let her even TRY this time. hes 1 now and her daughter is 5 now.

i mean what CAN you to help? its the craziest reasons. this last one born though, she wanted a vbac ( dont get me started on that doc and why she had a csection to begin with, ill put it this way, she was turning 17 in 3 weks, and the doc is umm..a moron to say the least ) and nope, of course not. then, she wanted to bf and nope, of course not. then my godsons mom, she had all kinds of crap they lied about and then no support but me and i had t leave the hospital after stayng 3 days and a nurse noticing and freaking out on me and calling security :( but she was doing pretty good until thejn and gave up..and then i bf in front of them, their dad who they both spent time in and out of the house, no bfing in front of him, preferably not in hois house, i said i can if i want to or he can kick us both out and he didnt but still.. ugh.
my godsons lil sister was a vbac birth, (yup same idiot did first c and more lying...she was 18.5)
its like.....they were both doomed from the beginning ya know?

theyre the only ones ive been around through pregnancy and birth
and all straight through, not just intermittienly seeing so i use them as examples (well besides my mom but she bf me until i was almost 4 :) and my brother until he self weaned at 1 and something, for a weird reason lol) so its like..ive tried and tried to educate and help, even as a 14 and 15yo friend, but i mean, wht can you do when EVERYTHING and everyone else is against it and saying 'wic is free, use that' umm HELLO?? breastmilk is also free, no chance of running out (unless you have issues, wichi undestna dcompletely) and its better for mom and baby, cancer reducer for mom, etc...WHY is it shot down by SO many people?? i just dont get it and ive seriously gotten so frustrated i was crying before because noone will listen to me, im the crazy chick, of course so what do i know? :sigh:

sorry about that, im just saying...for real, what do you do when NOTHING you suggest or try to help with is backed up and youre called nuts? by the girl/womans parent, bf, ther friends, NURSES, doctor, etc??? i just dont know how to help anyone unless theyre already set to bf, ad wont take n for an answer and jus tneed help starting or support to get through the beginning or something, ya know??

e_mom_e 01-13-2007 10:25 AM

Re: We need to advocate more...
"To investigate public attitudes toward breast-feeding, which play a key role in whether a woman decides to initiate and persist with breast-feeding..."

SEE now, WHY do people let OTHER PEOPLE decide for us, what is best for our child. You would rather "help" your child have a higher risk for excema and asthma and all the other crap...and spend loads of money that could go to many other things, just because OTHER PEOPLE don't like it!!! :headscratch: That's what KILLS ME!!!

I can totally understand mom's who couldn't not make breastfeeding work, I give them props for "trying"...but ones who just say, no I don't want to do that in public, or so and so doesn't like the idea of me bfing. Well heck you owe it to your child to still do it and just do it in private if it's that bad. You haven't even TRIED, that's what makes me so mad. I bf and never ever show my breast, it's not hard to do. I have had people walk up to me and talk to me and talk to the baby and touching him while I am nursing, men even...and they had no clue!

Why can't people just mind their own darn business and let people do what they need to do. Heck I get more PEEVED when people sit in a restaraunt with their celll phones ringing the whole time and talking loud and obnoxiously or using SPEAKERPHONE for goodness sakes! You know, you don't HAVE to look.

ok, sorry had to vent! That part of the issue just drives me CRAZY! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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