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4Health 09-24-2009 02:56 PM

I feel like a slave to my pump!!!
I am not an exclusive pumper, but do try to do it once a day to keep up my supply and make sure there will be something for LO if daddy and I get to go out. I have been breastfeeding/pumping for almost 4 years now, with two 7 month breaks(pregnancy). My LO is 5 months old and I am sick of it! I enjoy BF, But I loathe pumping. In fact I haven't done it in like a week!!!:blush: I know my supply is lessening because of it, I don't leak like I was and am not as uncomfortable in the morning when I wake up. Now I'm thinking I've made a mistake, I should continue pumping. Is it too late or will my supply fatten back up if I committ to it? Has anyone else or does anyone else have this same situation? I just feel like a slave to it, I just have to sit for 20 mins and do nothing but hold these goofy things up. Inspire me please.

blessedmama2 09-24-2009 09:27 PM

Re: I feel like a slave to my pump!!!
Kepp up it! I looooaaathe my pump-because I exclusively pump! My ds has yet to learn to nurse! On Oct 18th it will be 7 months that I have been pumping! I have a high needs baby, an attention depirved almost 3 year old(his brother hogs most of my time, my poor little guy:() My little one never sleeps, I have a dh that hours at work change all the time and it's such a stressful job since he is in the military, he works long hours. We have hardly any help with anything-we've moved right after ds#2 was born because there was mold in our base house and now we're getting ready for the boys and I to move several times while dh does training for the military-then after his traing we will move 2 more times as a family in the next year! So I have 5 weeks to pack up the entire house that we recently moved to move to I don't even know yet! I feel like I am going to just pass out from exhaustion, but I still spend hours a day with my pump! If I can do it-I know you can keep it up! You're doing great mama! You def cab work on gettingyour supply back up. There's tons of ways and if you get back on track with umping I am sure that alone will get your supply back up! Godd luck mama! You're doing great for so long!:)

Keropisunshine23 09-24-2009 11:07 PM

Re: I feel like a slave to my pump!!!
yes, you can def build your supply back up. I am also currently taking a break from the pump, except while working, and loving every min of it. i do however, need to get back on track as my supply is dipping. i will add flax seed and brewers yeast to my cooking, drink milkmaid tea, get plenty of water and rest and then start pumping again. I built a huge freezer stash before returning to work and i am using that up and not very motivated to pump extra right now. i know i will have to start working on it again soon. sometimes, one needs a break, but I don't advise to long of one. Good luck, mama. i know just how you feel. :hugs:

4Health 09-25-2009 01:07 PM

Re: I feel like a slave to my pump!!!
Thanks Mamas, I pumped this morning after feeding and was able to get 3 oz. Not as much as I used to , but pretty good considering my laziness :blush: with it. I love that women on here share their stories and I can get inspired by you.:hugs:

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