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Bethesda 10-01-2009 01:39 PM

El Paso Moms Trading Group
I thought it would be neat to have a iso/ iha El Paso moms trading group bc half the punch of everything is shipping anyways, right?!? So meeting locally is not only easy for me bc we go everywhere in el paso, but CHEAP! actually free! So i'm going to post mine and everyone is welcome to post theirs and we can see what happens! Beth

Bethesda 10-01-2009 01:57 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group

Pockets! Don't even care if bad elastic and not waterproof
(love wonderoos and fuzzi bunz, even wahm!)
Gerber diaper covers style, good condition or better
Gerber training pants or offbrand, sizes 2t and under
(blush) i even like sposies!

Children's workbooks, coloring books, and activity books, crayons and markers, glitter pens, etc.

IHA: (Pictures completely available upon request)

Homemade candles, soap, lotion and incense! Herbal tea too.
Awesome products, pics available

Child birth books
What to expect when you're expecting
What to expect the first years
Christian books, try me
Bibles (You can have one free if needed)

Almost everything; kids and adults (especially), all seasons, just ask!
Summer maternity clothes

Household and misc:
Matted Indian and Wilderness pictures
Baskets (misc types, mostly medium sizes)
Girls opened package of 4t/5t training pants

I might have other stuff or want other stuff, just pm me! Thanks, Beth

Knifty Kniteez 10-04-2009 09:42 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
I am out of town right now but when i get home ill get all ym stuff adn put it up here. I have some pockets and stuff you mgiht want Beth. BUt ill post it all up here!!!

DesertDiva 10-12-2009 04:18 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
Well, I don't have much here, but I wanted to contribute to the thread. I have six wonder wraps (a OS diaper cover) in fairly neutral colors. Mostly greens, whites and yellows. If anyone is thinking about going this route, let me know.

I'm not in search for stuff so much as info. If anyone has a dynamite local pediatrician who is hippie-friendly, please PM me. I understand that it's not customary here to get an interview with a potential doc, so that makes it really hard to choose one. I'd love to do a preliminary consultation before making our choice, so this just makes it that much harder to find a good doctor. Any help on this front would be appreciated!!

Bethesda 10-14-2009 03:15 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
Waiting for gbryndi to get back; I love pockets!

Knifty Kniteez 10-14-2009 03:31 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
Sorry it took me so long. I got back and put them up for sale. and now im sick. BUt here is the linkt o my stuff. I hope its ok if i put the link here. If not please elt me know. Im not realyl in search of anything but if your still interested. Take $2 off for the shipping.

ixadorexpink 10-17-2009 02:26 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
This is a great idea! Here is my ISO/IHA: I accept trades too.

Momma2Nick 12-06-2009 09:01 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
Hey girlies! I'm going to post mine in a bit and as long as you don't mind waiting until mid-Jan, I can bring the stuff with me!

Momma2Nick 12-06-2009 09:08 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group
Ok, here's mine!

* Paypal of course!!!
* Medium/Large/OS pocket or AIO dipes in GUC-EUC. No aplix or elastic problems, please! Would prefer Smartipants, Fuzzi Bunz (new style with hip snaps) or BG 3.0's in ANY colors.
* Imse Vimse Trainers or similar in size S
* Baby Legs or similar in either gender! I want to try these for my NEXT baby! I want LOTS!
* Momzee maternity jeans in size Medium
* Maternity Tops/Sweaters in Small/Medium
* Maternity bottoms in Black/Khaki/Grey size S or 4
* Maternity dresses in size S
* 7 For All Mankind jeans in size 28, bootcut or skinny. No flare, please!
* Any Momma jeans in size 4 misses (or 6 if they run small!). Try me on brands! Juniors do NOT fit me the same, No flare, please. Bootcut, Skinny, or straight leg would be great! PLEASE! I have very few things that fit me!!!
* Medium long sleeved tops or sweaters for Momma
* Any crib bedding or pictures, items related to safari or sealife. Especially ISO Fisher Price Precious Planet items *No stuffed friends, please! I have enough!*
* Zippered wet bag for the diaper bag
* Wet bag for diaper pail or hanging wet bag in GN or Black & White
* Moby wrap or something similar-I'd like to try this for the next baby as well
* Bum Cleaner to use with cloth wipes
* Unpaper towels
* Cloth advocacy tshirts in NB-12m, 2T, and Momma size M
* Try me on trades! I want this stuff gone!!!

* Robeez Tredz sz 12-16 months boys Brown loafter type-- Traded! Thanks!
* 18m boys button up short sleeved shirts
* Boys 5/6/7 play t-shirts
* Baby Bouquet Lotion and Massage Balm
* Covered Wipee Cases- A few still left!
* NB and Small wool longies and covers. I got these in a massive trade from another site and I don't use it, don't know how to lanalize or clean it or anything. I will take sizes and send pics upon request, just PM with your email addy!-- GONE
* Boys Receiving Blankets in Blue and Sea Life-- GONE
* Anne Geddes collectable items
* Bath and Body Items
* Asst books
* Stampin Up Sets (for a good trade-these were only used 1-2x's each)
* Momma jeans and dressy capris in sizes 8,9, 10, 11, 12, 15-- Some jeans gone
* Momma short and longsleeved tops in M, L, XL (I just posted almost 50 more pics-cleaning out my closet)
* Cowgirl jeans- Lawmans and Rockies in asst sizes
* M Maternity capris NWT- Traded
* Formal Wear in Momma Size 8-16
* Shoes
* Purses-Guess, others
* Dual alarm clock
* Bleached Infant prefolds
* Gerber pf's that were tri-fold sewn to make doublers
* 5 Medium old-style FB's, 2 need elastic work

I still can't figure out how to post all of these pics but here's my photobucket link. I have some pics up, I will take the rest soon or can email if interested!

amberlee31 01-01-2010 12:42 PM

Re: El Paso Moms Trading Group

I am working on getting basic supplies together for when we will hopefully welcome a set of twins to our family in between june & august 2011 we havent decided or gotten to the point where we have our conception date figured out quite yet. A ways i know. But being as i like to be well prepared i figured i would start networking now. I threw up a lil intro in the other el paso thread. But i figured i would throw it out there that i am looking for BABY STUFF!! LOL


Twin bassinet pack n play
craddle or bassinet
Compact cribs=2
glass bottles
Double stroller
infant car seats
cloth diapers any size any type
clothes Boy and girl 18 mo and under(a girl friend of mine should be going thru the same process and having twins close to the same time between four babies one of us should have a boy and a girl if not i have lots of friends with babies on the way)

So basically i have to offer at times girls clothes sizes 10 and up right now
I do amature photography
I babysit
i clean house

So what every your planning on dropping off at the good will i will take ff your hands what ever i can use i will keep and the rest i will pass along. When i had my older children i learned real fast after the first it is a lot nicer to pass it on dirrectly to other mothers that will use the stuff and they did the same for me. Unfortunatly i am far away from my home network of mothers. So inexpensive childrens items and any stuff your just getting rid of drop me a line.

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