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fanatic4cloth 10-02-2009 05:10 AM

friday daffodil chat!
Alright ladies who are working today is it and your off hehehe!

fanatic4cloth 10-02-2009 05:16 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
Good morning everyone! Hope you all are doing well and have a nice weekend ahead of you. I have no idea what to cook for dinner. Yep I'm thinking about that at 7 am loool. Tryin sorry I forgot to post about having to drop off your dd and be sick. I don't know what I would do. But if your sick your sick. And your dd has to go to school it would make me feel akward as all get out though. Well everything is ok here. Dh dropped dad off to a va appt. And I will pick him up when he calls. My lo is still sleeping he was being a monster last night. Dh had to call back home. One of the sils came. And she and my mil and other 2 sils are trying to push my husband to pay for a huge wedding party and furnish his sister in law home with new furniture. A gift from the brides family ( actually a dowry so to speak its a hindu custom) the sad thing is we aren't hindu and neither are they. Its really a sad situation for dh. He is tired of his family and basically said he is done. And he isn't budging I'm proud of him. Because all of my friends their husbands never say no and they have huge maritial problems because of it. Think breakfast is going to be raisin bran. Ok girls have a fabulous day!

sandmark 10-02-2009 05:42 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
Good morning!

I'm about 20 minutes into my 3 hour GD test. I think the orange drink was better this morning than for the first test.

If I'm remembering correctly, I had to go through the 3 hour test with DS and I passed. Don't know why, but I'm having a bad feeling about this one.

At least they put me in my own little room with a watercooler, couches, and TV, plus pillows to get comfy! Much nicer than my 1 hour at the other lab.

I'm off today but stuck here until 10-10:30 or so. Then I think I'll go get my hair cut and run some errands.

Still trying to think of baby names for my girl.

momma2Mimi07 10-02-2009 07:58 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
good Morning!

Fan Sorry about your family... That does sound a bit much!
Sandi Glad your 3 hour is more comfy than your 1!

I am setting up for the task of calling Radiology and seeing if they can move my U/S appt. up because otherwise DF has to miss school and I hate for that to happen and he can't afford to miss we are trying to save his absenses for when baby comes!

fanatic4cloth 10-02-2009 08:37 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
Sandi you lucky gal! Mine was stuck sitting in an office room waiting room! Chasity I was wondering why they scheduled it so late especially since the decreased movement. Worst case scenario go to labor and delivery!

abbi_n_nadia 10-02-2009 09:11 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
Morning! So I thought we were just gonna go with Zoe Mae for sure but now Sandi has got me thinking about names again! :giggle: What do you think of Ivalyn May/Mae? And call her Ivy for short? I kind of like it...I like Ivy for sure but idk. Haven't mentioned this to dh yet.

Fan that is crazy that they think you need furnish their house! Like anybody has the money to do that!

Sandi I hope your test is going ok! At least your comfy! :)

Chasity good luck getting your US appointment moved up!

Layna 10-02-2009 11:10 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
Fan, Sorry about your DH's family! That's crazy they would expect something like that.

Sandi, good luck with your 3 hr.! I'd bee taking a nap on one of those couches. :giggle:

Chasity, I hope you can get your US bumped up! Are you guys going to try to find out the sex again?

Abbi, I looove the name Ivy!! I know a little girl here by that name and I think it's so cute :) I really like Zoe also though, so I don't think you can go wrong.

I'm happy it's Friday! I can't wait to go home and spend the weekend with my little family :D Last night was so much fun, DD was in such a goofy mood and DH was in a really good mood, they tore around the house chasing eachother:giggle: I love nights like that because usually during the week we're all so tired and stressed out that everybody's kind of grumpy :(

The count down is down to single digits in weeks! 9 to go :)

UnderTheStars 10-02-2009 11:56 AM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
I'm so excited! There is a little scrapbooking/craft store here that is going out of business and I went there this morning - and OH! I went crazy. She had jars of paint that normally run like $10 a piece for 75 cents, as many stamps as you can fit in a bag for $5, stickers, markers, stamp pads, etc for 10 cents each. I had DD with me so I had to keep eyes in the back of my head to make sure she wasn't making a mess, but I think I may have to take another trip back once DH is home :blush: I realized yesterday too that I have, like, NO winter clothes - maternity or otherwise. And now that it's colder out, I might need to get a few things. So once I get my "bonus" money from helping my mom I guess I'm going to have to go shopping!

Sandi - I wish my 3-hr was done in a cush place like that! I hope you pass and all is well :hugs:

Fan - Sorry about your family situation, it's always hard to be stuck in the middle of something like that but good for your DH for standing up for himself!

Abbi - I still love Zoe, I think it's so cute and it goes so well with your other DD's name. Owen (the name we picked out) is in the top 60 also but I like it and it's the only name DH and I agree on so we're sticking with it!

Dalayna - :carrot: :broc: :yay: for 9 weeks left!! Me too!

fanatic4cloth 10-02-2009 12:43 PM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
I can't believe how it has flown by. I have a icky headache. The one thing I know from my friends married to men from over there. Is usually the momma rules the roost so to say. Because culture plays a huge role. And no one cares if they are going against religion or even moral or ethical boundaries. Its pretty sad. I feel bad for dh. But a close friend of mine her and her husband are on the brink of divorce because of his family. And I will be darned if I let it happen to us. I'm glad my dh grew some manhood. And told them basically to f l u ck off so to say. And no way in the world am I buying furniture for someone else. The way I see it if his family wants to play the route of we have to do it. Well they have to do things for me.( Not dh) but in their so called cultural commands my mil owes me a set of 22k gold bangles minimum 5. A neckalace earrings and a ring. Grand total would be a few thousand usd minimal. So if they play the guilt trip with dh. I'm going to say I want what is mine. And watch them freak out. It would be funny actually to see the rubbish they make come back to them hehehhe can we say I'm getting little horns sprouting out!anyhow girls hope you all have a marvelous day and enjoy the weekend.

sandmark 10-02-2009 12:48 PM

Re: friday daffodil chat!
I was done around 10:30 with my GD test. I went to get breakfast and then to the hair salon. Picked up DS early and ready to start the weekend - with two black and blue arms from all the blood draws this morning!

Seein: Awesome find on the scrapbooking supplies. I feel bad about the GOB sales but love the deals!

Abbi: Ivy is beautiful and NOT on the popular names list! I have to say that Zoe is super popular around here. Very cool name but lots of girls are going to have it. Reminds me of Zoe, Elmo's monster friend, on Sesame Street!

Fan: Hope things are getting better for you and your family.

Ok, I thought of a name at the hair salon, what do you think?

Nathalia Leslie (middle name has to be Leslie after DH's mom)
We'd call her Tali for short (not sure of the spelling yet)

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