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fanatic4cloth 10-03-2009 06:05 AM

weekend daffodil chat
Have a great weekend momma's

sandmark 10-03-2009 07:22 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Good morning Ladies!

This is going to be a busy weekend for us. The weather has finally cooperated and its beautiful outside but we'll be inside working on the basement.

Vent Ahead:

I listed a ton of boys clothes on Craigslist last night, from 0 to 2T. I listed them really cheap too, most under 25 cents per piece including new and barely worn clothes. There are still people out there who are trying to get me to lower my prices. If I wanted to give them away I'd have listed them under the free section. My prices are way cheaper than the thrift stores.

I guess that I just don't get it. I know the value of something and if it's a great deal then I don't haggle. Some people really do try to get something for nothing. We listed our snowblower too, for $100, it's a craftsman with a Briggs engine. That's a steal at $100 but some guy emailed and asked if we'd take $50. Come on people.

I love craigslist for the opportunity it gives but hate weeding out all the replies. That's ok, we sold the snowblower in matter of five minutes of listing it last night to a guy who knows that it's a deal at 100 bucks.

I'm gathering funds to get some things for the baby (yarn) and for the house.

If you've stuck with me this far, thanks!

Have a great weekend everyone!

png_lovebirds 10-03-2009 07:40 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Sandi, I've had the same thing happen to me!! Super frustrating!!

We are going to a craft festival in an hour or so. Of course the baby is SUPER whiney and is already down for a nap 1 hr after getting up! grrrrr I hope she wakes up in a better mood!

I was awake off and on all night b/c of all the movement...again! I'm SO tired! Is there a pt when there is too much movement??? I am SO worried that he is getting his cord all tangled with all the movement. I carry really low and I know he already doesn't have a lot of space...:( I'm just SO SO worried!

Have a good Saturday everyone!!

sandmark 10-03-2009 08:05 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Rebecca: Have a great time at the festival! I LOVE all the fall festivals around but all of our money is getting dumped in our basement project.

Don't worry about all the movement, DS was a super-active baby up until delivery and he had no cord problems. Just think, if there's not much space in there then the cord really doesn't have a chance to loop. Plus if you are really worried, demand an ultrasound.

Sorry about your cranky baby. Hopefully those grumpies will go away after her nap.

new2allthis 10-03-2009 08:42 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Hello Ladies!

Today is my baby shower and I am super psyched! My 2 aunts and SIL are throwing it for me and all my female relatives (or at least all the ones I actually have a relationship) will be there. I must admit I have been horrible and have been checking my registry daily. But seeing only 3 diapers purchased caused my husband to give in to my pestering about starting our diaper stash. All I have to say is a monster has now been created. I've purchased 8 pockets, 1 AIO and 2 dozen prefolds so far. I really hope the pockets work out because they are sooo cute!

Today is also my dad's (technically step-father but he totally deserves all the credit of dad) birthday. My DH and brother are taking him golfing during the shower and afterwards my relatives will stick around and do a whole birthday thing for him. 2 excuses for cake in one day is heaven in my book!

Gotta run to buy a birthday card. Nothing like waiting til the last minute huh?

trying4more 10-03-2009 09:04 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
newtoallthis-Have fun at your shower!

Sandi-Some people are just looking for free stuff! I've never sold anything on CL, but have bought stuff on CL and sometimes peoples prices are ridiculious! Glad you sold it afterall anyways! Good Luck with the rest of the clothes!

Rebecca-Try not to worry about too much movement. At this point, he's too big probably to make a true knot. He's probably just moving from side to side. My baby jolts so hard sometimes, my whole body moves!

I'm only 30wks and have begun the "I can't sleep because I'm uncomfertable" period! I tossed and turned all night. Both girls got into my bed, so I ditched them and went into Elizabeth's bed!
Armando's boss and his wife gave us a baby gift lastnight. 2 carters outfits that are pretty cute! and 2 SUPER soft blankets! I need to get some thank you cards out!

bryandcam+2 10-03-2009 09:10 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Hmm lets see. cleaning day again. got lots of laundry to do. there is a fair going on tomorrow but if its yucky we prolly wont go. no more watching kids as of monday. i have them today but thats it. I told her i just cant handle him. I cant give him the attention he needs so'

bryandcam+2 10-03-2009 09:14 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
I'm only 30wks and have begun the "I can't sleep because I'm uncomfertable" period! I tossed and turned all night. Both girls got into my bed, so I ditched them and went into Elizabeth's bed!

Im sitting at 30 wks also and have been at that i cant sleep stage for the past week. it sucks. i know it s my body s way of saying u have a baby on the way but still sucks
i want sleep...

I so cant wait to get our next 3d done

good news is dh has his big v scheduled for the end of this month:lostit: no more bc for me

tryin 10-03-2009 09:33 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Happy weekend!
I have been having running nose and watery eyes lately, but just at home and upon waking and couldn't figure out what the problem is. I think I have discovered it. I have a down pillow. Now a couple of years ago, I had a down blanket that caused me not to be able to breathe (like throat was closing up) and I had to get some steroid shots. Well I gave that blanket away, but the pillow didnt bother me as much. Weird, that now at 31wks it has started to bother me. I took it off my bed so hopefully that was the problem and I'll start to feel better.

A BuyBuybaby opened in our area. I have never been to one before. Well all I can sayi s bye bye Babies R Us. I've always hated BRU, but after going to Buy Buy Baby, I will never set foot in there again, besides BBB is a sooo much closer drive. They have so much stuff. Fortunately, I have just about everything I could possibly need, but I still spent $85 there last night.

My brother told me last night that he might come here w his 3 kids for Thanksgiving (right around when I'm supposed to deliver). He doesn't know I'm pg and I don't want to say anything prior to giving birth. He would be a great help, but with my luck I wouldn't deliver until after he left. Don't know what to do about that situation.

My co-worker who is due days before I am had her baby shower at work yesterday, It was alot of fun. My principal made her a quilt (she also made one for a co-worker who was pg last school year). I'm assuming she's going to keep up the tradition with me and I think that would be sooo special, especially since my children don't have grandparents or anyone to make handmade items for them (besides myself). I can't wait to see if she makes one for baby.

fanatic4cloth 10-03-2009 09:47 AM

Re: weekend daffodil chat
Gl at the shower and all the festivals . Tryin that would be. Amazing my kids won't have my mom much in their life and mil if she keeps it up will be very distant. I'm right there with you my husband drives me insane he has to have me in a bear. Lock hand around the belly and leg over mine I have to move in sections between my engorged tata's my big fat belly and my huge bum! Plus kick him off. Its annoying! Sandi the only time I haggle with someone on cl is if they are charging. Three quaters what they paid for it. And its used. I don't waste their time or mine if its what I want I ask them if I think their price is high if its negotiable. I bought a maya wrap today for 15 that's a good deal I wasn't about to haggle. Pretty much I haven't haggled unless it was dipes and they were charging a few bucks less per dipe then they bought it and it was crapped in. But a snowblower for. Hundred bucks is a fabulous deal. If you would have waited 2 more months you probably could get 200 lool. I sold dh black berry I was asking 150 it was new never used. I had ppl asking 75 or 100 I'm like WTF? Its a 300 buck phone and it had an extra battery never ever used. I waited and said nope you need to bring your price up. Finally we sold it for asking price. Ppl think. Your desperate.

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