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*~Mindy~* 05-24-2006 05:26 PM

argh...need help with fitteds

okay my son was a pretty heavy wetter and went lots a day untl recently. (like..when he was born, i went through at least 18 sposies a day and thats not changing him every time he went sort of going a lot lol)
but now he doesnt go so many times a day, but he goes a lot, and hard when he does go.
he has 6 layer hemp fleece fitted, goes straight through that and the stream goes straight through is wool over it as well, and isnt just a leak, the stream goes straight through all that onto the floor or whatever. then, he stands there and makes this shocked looking face and points at it aand yanks at whoevers there to shjow them, or runs to find us and drag us off to show us (and sometimes signs toilet then as well, but thats besides the point :rolleyes: )
and he has a sugarplum baby fitted, and a snapdragons, and a few other ones, thats all i can think of atm, lol, and it happens with them all. i dont know why, its driving me insane, and i need something that can help. the thing is i dont really have any money, but i dont know what to do.. at night he wears not so waterproof pockets that are stuffed cause thats all i can figure out to use, it cant go straight through the pul even though its not waterproof anymore, if that makes sense? and he wears fb if we go out anymore, i was using fitteds out some, but

so does anyone have any ideas??ive also tried adding a layter of sherpa and a layer of flannel in with them, but he can go straight through that as well, its more of a needs something to stop the flood type thing, kwim? when he goes, from about 1.5 inches from his belly button ann the way to hiqs butt is SOAKED at once...its crazy!!! and making me so as well!! :banghead:

imommy 05-24-2006 05:34 PM

Re: argh...need help with fitteds
Did you try stripping the diapers to see if maybe they are coated? Also are you using crocheted/knitted wool or recycled 100% wool from a sweater? My son doesn't pee through that bad but I have found that really the only thing that I can use is recycled wool for some reason. :headscratch: It does the job most of the time.

As far as peeing a river, I have no clue other than to double up his layers in the front as much as you can. Also, is the rise high enough for him? Maybe the dipes aren't high enough and that's why he's soaking so much? I find that if I put a dipe on my son with a lower rise, he has a tendency to pee through quicker than one that fits nice and snug or even one with a rise that's too big. Does that make sense?

Sorry girl, that's the only advice I have for you. :headscratch:

MamaLove 05-24-2006 05:42 PM

Re: argh...need help with fitteds
I've got a super soaker here, too, and I've seen pee go straight through a dipe and out the leg holes of wool shorts and onto the floor, but never through a wool cover...what wool are you using? It is thick? Here's some cheap ideas...folded hand towels or prefolds as doublers inside fitteds, recycled wool sweaters made into covers or longies or shorties that aren't loose, and also wool doublers. You could try wool doublers inbetween the fitted and the absorbant doubler, too.
Good luck, mama!:thumbsup:

*~Mindy~* 05-24-2006 05:54 PM

Re: argh...need help with fitteds
yes, they fit him.
it cant be any type of coating, i dont use detergent and its straight through, not any type of run off, and its soaked as well through all the layers....

ive got a little fishermans, i could make a couple felted doublers, i was thinking of doing that anyway... i have a sweater i cut up for longies that i could use part of like i was going to and hadnt gotten to yet too....

and its knit, crocheted, and recycled. doesnt mattrer what, he goes straight through, and the recycled has been used on and off since august, and has been washed and dried in hot over 20 times so i KNOW thats felted, lol...

its just l ike....grrrrr!!! and especially since a couple of the fitteds have swen in soakers at the front so its gonna be interesting trying to get something under it in the right spot, kwim?

SarahJane 05-24-2006 06:56 PM

No experience with fitted, but the heavy wetter part
I just went through this. What you describing except he could wet PUL! He goes all at once and it has to absorb quickly. What I've found it that a layer of microfiber first then a hemp/fleece behind it to pull the wet back through his diaper. I made some of each but splitting old towels and indian prefolds in half. I serged them together and practiced a few days. I found that if I put the doubling layers in the right zone with microfiber first (closer to him) then the hemp. We had a winning combo. Not pretty inserts, but they work!

Good luck!


Also, I love fleece pockets at night. Never a leak with windpro. I think someone had some used SNAP-EZ here.

*~Mindy~* 05-25-2006 04:21 PM

Re: No experience with fitted, but the heavy wetter part
hmm.. i think i can do that! my mom bought a pack of nicer micro towels and somehow they got left here, ill ask if i can use a couple..
and im looking to buy some hemp. its just thatll work for nights, i need some fitteds for the days!! ugh...
i HAD a serger, i wish i had one still, this would be so much easier!!!:banghead:

a good thing though, his peace fleece shorties we just got it doesnt go through as easily, so im happy about that at least!! :D now i just wish they were softer. im kinda scared to wash them and stuff since theyre working best over fitteds right now!!! :blush:

myajdw 05-25-2006 04:40 PM

Re: No experience with fitted, but the heavy wetter part
it sounds like you may unfortunately just have to go to pul...

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