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Happyfamilyof4 11-03-2009 12:20 PM

Does anyone have any ideas to help?
I started CDing by 10 month old KN about 2 weeks ago, a little late in the game but better late than never. I bought some GroBaby diapers and Bamboo wipes and Booty cubes. All was going well until 3 days ago she started getting a rash and it won't go away. I've read that it shouldn't be the cubes due to them being all natural and the diapers are being washed with Rockin Green so I wouldn't think it to be the detergent. I'm just at a loss for the cause! I have resulted to letting her crawl around for about an hour at a time without a diaper, but she is still really red. I do not want to resort back to using disposables so does anyone have any advice?

spottycat 11-03-2009 12:27 PM

Re: Does anyone have any ideas to help?
Try posting this in Diaper Chatter, I'm sure you'll get lots of help there. I will mention thatI had to quit using WAHM made detergents because it was giving ds horrible rashes. I tried Crunchy Clean and Rocking Green and they both did it to him.

Definitely post this in Diaper Chatter, that's the best place to find help :)

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