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bumminbeachbabe 12-01-2009 10:54 PM

Please indulge me.....
and tell me what the heck is going on. My EWCM has increased to ridiculous proportions. There was so much while I was at Costco that I thought AF had arrived. Now I'm really not sure that I o'd when I thought I had.

I need some help from you charting wizards. Not even FF has even the slightest clue as to what has happened.

bccc624 12-01-2009 11:30 PM

Re: Please indulge me.....
Sounds like me yesterday! There was so much I was going to the bathroom constantly to "clean up"!:giggle2:

mommyto2girls 12-02-2009 05:42 AM

Re: Please indulge me.....
I have no idea BUT!!

with my YDD I thought for sure I was starting AF and had LOTS of CM (just like you are) well needless to say all that CM was just from me being prego....

I say BD if your not too sure when you O'd that way if this is just a late O then your covered:thumbsup:

rachaeljohnson 12-02-2009 05:54 AM

Re: Please indulge me.....
it does not look like you have ovulated to me, but it sounds like it is about to happen so go jump dh!!

Adamsmama 12-02-2009 06:57 AM

Re: Please indulge me.....
That is how I get the day of O. I also get crampy and sometimes moody like PMS.

bumminbeachbabe 12-02-2009 08:43 AM

Re: Please indulge me.....
I'm gonna destroy FF. Stupid thing is back to dotted ch at cd 10. Thanks for all the advice. :goodvibes:

Dorothy'smom 12-02-2009 10:24 AM

Re: Please indulge me.....
It looks to me like your body has been trying to O, so I would keep BDing!! FF has been wrong for me before, so if I'm in doubt, I just BD, lol.

Sonoran Bloom 12-02-2009 06:46 PM

Re: Please indulge me.....
BD tonight!!! I always have a week long of EWCM then nothing for 2 days and then bam! *tons* of EWCM once the next day and that is when I O. The more EWCM the better. Sorry your body has been such a tease!

bumminbeachbabe 12-02-2009 07:35 PM

Re: Please indulge me.....
I guess it's bd time for me. I've got my bio final tomorrow. Hopefully DS let's me study enough to allow for bd tonight. My only concern now is that my cycle won't last long enough. My longest so far has been 27 days with a 7 day lp.

tygr2410 12-02-2009 07:43 PM

Re: Please indulge me.....
I'd be bd'ing also. just incase..and for fun :)

have you tried using opk's? they sell them at dollar tree and i actually really liked their brand, for me, only showed positive when it was the real deal.

Good luck either way!

oh- and I was going to add, you may want to consider temping vaginally since its more accurate then by mouth if you mouth breath...just dont' switch mid month or it'll be off lol! I just remember you saying something about mouth breathing the other day.

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