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Lolanae 12-03-2009 07:12 AM

ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Please post here in a different color from the rest of your post with updates or to be added to the list

Like Always, Please tell me if I've skipped you / Need to move you!

:ttc:Waiting to O:

supergirljennie - cd1

windy_fairy - cd2

DrLynne - cd2

jraejohnson - cd5

The Fancy Pansy - cd5

Mommyto2girls - cd6

lavender dragonfly - cd6

TwinKristi - cd7

Aimers1 - cd8

Bellarose4 - cd8

jenmomtomatt - cd11

Currer Bell - cd11

Fusion - cd12

lilsoldiersmommy - cd13

Chrijodo - cd13

Mommyof4forme! cd13

Andbabymakes2 - cd13

MommyKeller0107 - cd14

615marsh - cd14

Sonoran Bloom - cd15

Trin - cd15

Bls26 - cd16

AugustHope - cd17

computermama - cd19

Jollymom - cd21

attachedmom - cd26

bumminbeachbabe - cd26

davidsgirl777 - cd27

McMamma38 - cd27

Lolanae - cd29

2208 - cd37

scrappyd - cd50

Esthersmommy - cd51

Mama2KitandMara - cd87


:lostit: 2 WW:

rachaeljohnson - 3dpo

Dorthy’smom - 6dpo

kt~mommy - 7dpo

AmandaRenee - 7dpo

Lovely - 7dpo

monkeybunns - 9dpo

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PurrOnYou (Waiting till December 2009) (Waitings to TTC after 2nd reversal)

Mrsgrantis (Waiting until after AF after a miscarriage)

Ladywicky (Waiting till August)

stevensmom (Waiting till August after 2 m/c)

iggyloo (Waiting till November after M/C)

buttonnose (Waiting till December 2009)

Us4AngelCorey (Waiting till spring 2010)

LillyIvy (Waiting till May/June 2010)

beckstar (Waiting till October 2010)

Mother0407 (Waiting till 2011)

funfunkyfantastic (Waiting till Spring 2011)

Attachedmom (Waiting for 1st PPAF)

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Mom2Billy – (8/6/10)

nickelsay -

JAMmama – (7/26/10)

jenvbear – (7/27/10)

*KaiMom* - (7/7/10)

kitkatkc – (7/12/10)

taralee2001 – (7/9/10)

Laylaeomommy – (7/6/10)

monstersmom -

JandJsmom0607 –

HippieMama74 – (6/25/10)

Terra76 – (6/26/10)

Amaggiepie – (6/16/10)

armywife08 – (6/16/10)

Emilyjoy16 – (6/11/10)

Maman08 – (6/10/10)

meagank24 – (6/9/10)

PaisleyDeann – (6/6/10)

marleysmom1207 – (5/26/10)

aerobebe1421 – (5/31/10)

talithakoum219 – (5/27/10)

tygr2410 – (5/23/10)

Jennybeth – (5/21/10)

C-MaeMama – (5/19/10)

Lynn1179 – (5/14/10)

Lanasmom – (5/10/10)

juliemom2faith – (5/5/10)

katesmash – (5/5/10)

crunchymamaNY - (5/4/10)

MommyScott – (4/25/10)

crzydrgn85 - (4/21/10)

tuckergirl - (4/25/10)

kidpsych2be - (4/25/10)

lxlzbaca - (4/23/10)

Caz – (4/23/10)

dkg354boy2 - (4/23/10)

Lovnbabygabi - (4/20/10)



yesterdayicried - (4/7/10)

MrsLemon - (4/5/10)

kristypbi - (4/3/10)

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Need Updates:

Please Note: If we don't hear from you after 2 weeks from your last post, you will be removed from the list, and you may come back when you wish with an update to be re-added. :thumbsup:

Cyn_Cyn 12-03-2009 07:16 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
:thumbsup: Oh yeah, I am first!! :giggle2:

Morning ladies!! Ok sooo much needed to get done yesterday and I did nothing!! :blush: Well I did some laundry, it's just not put away...:giggle:

Today I really need to get to the store. I am trying so hard to get my xmas shopping finished and wrapped early.....but....every year I say that and I am still left wrapping presents on xmas eve AFTER midnight mass!!! :lostit:

I am really trying this year though. Maybe it wont be so bad since DH will be home this year. I think alot of last year was that I had to do it ALL ALL BY MYSELF!! I just cried and kept playing his videos and replaying my voicemail messages so that I could hear his voice.....

So thankful that he is here this year!!
I am sure you all are also. I know you listened to me so much over the past year when I was having good and bad days with him being gone....:hugs:

Ok so I just started to ramble there. sorry...

supergirljennie 12-03-2009 07:21 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Well, my LP was 7 days this past cycle - the arrived bright and early with a huge temp dip. :cry:

CD1 Having a glass of wine tonight!

New plan is soy and b6 this month. When I took soy last time, it was near 200mg and it shortened my LP. This past cycle I didn't O until cd26, so I hope if I take less soy - maybe 120mg - with the b6 that it'll balance out = a baby.

Babybug 12-03-2009 07:31 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Hi ladies,

CYNDI : Yay for DH being home this year :thumbsup:

SUPERGIRL : SS the hag showed up :hugs: . Hopefully the soy and B6 will be a great help this time around.:goodvibes:

rachaeljohnson 12-03-2009 07:35 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
cyndi-gl shopping! I am so glad dh will be home with you this year!!!

Jen-that is totally how mine was sans the clomid and progesterone. I got it up to 11 days once with b6 and prog. cream...but usually around 8 days...i think it was the nursing and late egg combo. Big hugs!!! Hope you have a much longer one this 38 weeks!

AFM-morning ladies!! I am off to finish christmas shopping with my neighbor. Glad for the 2ww distractions! Totally feel a aching in my uterus...i know it's too early for implantation and is probably the progesterone, but still makes me happy. I had a dream about getting a bfp on an IC last night...hope it's a preminition! I decided to start blogging my journey in my siggy

Cyn_Cyn 12-03-2009 07:47 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd

Originally Posted by supergirljennie (Post 9017588)
CD1 Having a glass of wine tonight!

Oh Jen.....:bighug: I am ss....

And to answer your question from yesterday... ZUMBA...basically it's just aerobics. Only you are dancing....nonstop...for an hour!! I love the music my instructor has, a little variety. Alot of latin and some pop mixed in. Fast and slow rhythms. It is so much fun.
I LOVE it!! I have only taken one class but I love it. Going again tonight.

Lovely 12-03-2009 07:53 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Morning ladies. I'm at 7dpo, just waiting waiting waiting. Have a few errands to run today, laundry and homework. :yuck:

armywife08 12-03-2009 08:05 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
hey all! hope everyone is doing well, wishing you all baby dust!

Cyn_Cyn 12-03-2009 08:14 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Hi Sill!! :wave2:

MuzicMom 12-03-2009 08:20 AM

Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd
Cyndi - Is Zumba something I could do while pregnant?

Jennie - Soooo sorry about AF!

Rachael - LOVING your optimism this cycle!!!!

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