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skyericsson 12-07-2009 02:31 AM

My fertile days wasted RANT!
DH and I had waited to ttc until fall and then planned TTC come Oct '09, well DH went away on Business, he was only to be gone for 3 weeks and has been away for two and a half months!:banghead: It's crunch time on Wall Street and yes me and the kids could have gone back east with him but we are doing renovations (well they have stopped for winter) on our home there so we (me and our DD and DS) decided to stay at our place in NM. So I have had 2 cycles in which I feel have been wasted :( AND I will have another before me and the kids leave to go back east for the holiday...UGH! :cry: I mean I can't believe it. I am 39 and we really wanted to have 1 more baby, we have two beautiful children but wanted more. So I feel cheated out of my fertile times as if it's been wasted, trashed and here comes the TMI :blush: when I see the perfect EWCM and :banghead: he is not here to take care of business.:banghead: Just had to get this off my chest:rant:

Well.....I'm no magician :giggle: so we'll have to wait until we are together soon.

mommyto2girls 12-07-2009 04:35 AM

Re: My fertile days wasted RANT!
lots of hugs:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
so sorry DH has to be gone longer then thought.......

last month my Dh got sick RIGHT before/during my O and we know how they are when they are sick:banghead:

anyways hope you are able to catch that eggie as soon as you see him:goodvibes:

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