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mama-heather 12-21-2009 06:11 PM

PICTURE SIZING/COMPUTER SEIZING UP!!!! Please read, mods/admin!
I don't have the fastest computer in the world to begin with, but it runs well when it should. I have been seeing MORE and MORE posts with HUGE pictures, esp. in the FSOT boards, and as soon as I go to see what the post has in it, my computer seizes and I have to start all over again-which potentially means me missing something I am needing/wanting, and it's not doing any favors for the posters either, if it takes that long for most people to bring the pictures up because of their size.

I've seen this A LOT lately, and I'm NOT seeing them be resized. However, I have been warned about my siggy which is hardly big at all, so I'd like someone to pay attention or post a sticky to each board specifically stating that these large of pictures need not be used. We already have a problem with viruses. We don't need anything else slowing down what we are doing.

Just my's extremely annoying. :(


mama-heather 12-29-2009 07:22 PM

Re: PICTURE SIZING/COMPUTER SEIZING UP!!!! Please read, mods/admin!
bump; I see no one has responded to this :(

Harmony96 12-29-2009 08:59 PM

Re: PICTURE SIZING/COMPUTER SEIZING UP!!!! Please read, mods/admin!
:hugs: I'm sorry no one has responded yet. A lot of us have been in and out for the holidays, and I was stuck in my car on icy roads for 23 hours for part of that.

The difference between signatures and between, say, FSOT posts is that signatures are usually in every single post, whereas pictures in a FSOT thread are just in that one thread (even if there may be a bunch of them and/or they are large). That is why more attention is given to signatures and those limits.

A while back, we did have an image resizer installed here on Diaper Swappers, where if someone posted a large image, it would be automatically resized and then you could click on it to see the larger image, but that one caused other vital functions of the forum to stop working, so it was removed.

If I happen to be in a thread and notice an image that's overly large (like you have to scroll horizontally to read any of the other posts), then I will change it to just a link, but I (and the other mods) don't go actively looking for large images. We don't have the manpower for that.

If you notice a post or thread that has a large image in it, you can report it to us and we can see if it needs to be edited down. If your computer freezes up and you can't report it, then you could take note of the thread number (like in this thread, the URL is and the thread number is that 894659 at the end) and PM it to me or another mod.

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