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l_Kimmie_l 01-18-2010 09:46 AM

Meet Single Asians?
Are you hinting my relationship is boring? My Dh wants to know how much and will they take food stamps:roflmbo:

l_Kimmie_l 01-18-2010 10:10 AM

Re: Meet Single Asians?
Look - Russian singles too!! Any reason why DS is selling women now?

l_Kimmie_l 01-18-2010 10:21 AM

Re: Meet Single Asians?
At least you are an equal opportunity woman seller...LOL!!

mamazluv 01-18-2010 10:35 AM

Re: Meet Single Asians?
i had to click because of the title :giggle:

ive had big alcohol ads before i started using firefox. be careful, some of those ads bring malware with it.

l_Kimmie_l 01-18-2010 10:41 AM

Re: Meet Single Asians?
I think these ones will bring marriage counceling...LMAO!!

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