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FitMommyOf2 05-26-2006 05:27 PM

Teething amber necklace for older baby?
I know it's been posted about the teething amber necklaces quite often, but I was wondering if someone could actually tell me if they also started using one fairly 'late' for their baby?

Reason I ask is b/c Mason is currently teething w/#7 & #8 and extremely cranky since days! I know DH doesn't really approve of the amber necklaces as an aid, but since he's away most of the day I'd even 'hide' it in worst case when he's home!:laugh: (Just kidding. I'm sure he'd be ok once he'd see that his son is doing better with it)

Anyway, now my question is: Is it too late to start having Mason wear a necklace w/10.5 months??? I know he takes bibs and hats off within seconds (together with *****ing :giggle: ) and I am a bit hesitant to spend 20$+ on a necklace and at the end it won't work 'cause he wants it off???

Any ideas??? Experiences in that age???
I'd appreciate your input, mamas!

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