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afrimama 04-16-2010 11:23 AM

Effects of dehydration/not getting enough fluids for several hours
I came home yesterday to find DD screaming. She had been in DH's care since about 8, and it was then almost 3. I had breastfed her around 7-7.30, and she also had a bit of milk in her oatmeal at 8. He had also fed her fruit (which contained some water), and veggies. However, he never gave her any water to drink! (Men!!!). She was clearly very thirsty when I got home, and her fontanels were a bit sunken. She fed thirstily when I gave her the breast. I was so mad at DH! Anyway, DD seems fine - alert, fontanels feel good, she ate and slept normally, etc. I'm just a bit worried that there might have been long-term effects of her not receiving sufficient fluids for several hours. Can anyone enlighten me on that?

I should add that she is almost 11 months, and is a tall baby (weighs over 24 lbs).

nakedbabytoes 04-16-2010 11:59 AM

Re: Effects of dehydration/not getting enough fluids for several hours
She should be fine. Did daddy have a reason for not providing drinks like a bottle or sippy of water/milk/formula? Sometimes dudes don't think about the outside world. My hubby can eat a full breakfast & drink a couple of softdrinks but did he think about feeding our dog who has no hands in which to get her own food or water? No.
Just remind him that when he drinks or eats, so does she. I grew up on a farm that the rule was the animals ate first, then we did after. It taught us respect and outward thought for lesser capable creatures.

Long term, she should be fine. My 2yo was hospitalized with dehydration after battling a 3 week long illness prior in which he refused to eat or drink anything for days dispite our best efforts(including force drinking him!). After replenishing fluids, he was fine again(except for the underlying illness). His pee was very concentrated and he had some constipation issues for a day or two after, but remember that he had been sick for a few weeks. Your girl is healthy and it was just 8hrs.
You could call your pedi to be sure, but she's probably okay.

luvsviola 04-16-2010 02:14 PM

Re: Effects of dehydration/not getting enough fluids for several hours
As long as she is continuing to urinate, she is fine. :) DFS gets hospitalized for dehydration about once a month, and that by itself isn't dangerous.

Just out of curiosity, why would he give her water? Neither of my kids ever got/gets water. Can he give her breast milk?

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