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idigchaitea 04-16-2010 09:52 PM

The pacifier's outta here!
My son will be 3 in May and has had his "puggy" since he was born. It's a major comfort item for him. I wanted it to be gone by the time he turned 3 just because he will be going to preschool in the fall. We tried to gradually remove it last week--only giving it to him during naps/night time. Well that failed pretty quickly because he kept asking for it knowing that it was still around. We kind of gave up.

Then on Monday he came up to us and said, "Don't throw puggy in the trash!" Which in his language means, "I threw the puggy in the trash!" Sure enough, it was in the trash can and there was no way I was going to dig it out, clean it up, and give it to him. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to go cold turkey. He kept asking for it during the day, but all we had to do was remind him that he threw it away. The night was a bit rough. He woke up in the middle of the night crying and wanting us to sleep with him. So we've been taking turns doing that for a few nights. Last night was the first night that he slept alone without it. He doesn't even ask about it anymore and it's only been 5 days!

This has been much easier than I thought. I've been dreading giving up the pacifier for a long time because it's a lifesaver for us. I just wanted to share our success with everyone.

KandFsMomma 04-16-2010 10:03 PM

Re: The pacifier's outta here!
Yay! Good for you! We had a similar thing happen with DD last summer when she was just over two. We were at our in-laws, just out of town and dd lost hers in the yard. I later found it but never told her. It was the same thing, she asked for it and I told her she lost it, and she did quite well with it! (The first night was rough)

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