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Hands&Fire Pottery 04-20-2010 08:18 PM


All sorts of little lidded jars... sized for spices or your favorite WAHM skin balm. $15 each

Purple bottle shape 3.5" tall
Small Purple 2.5" tall
Green multi with rounded knob 3"
Shiny red 2.5"
Brigham Blue 2.5"
Muted Green and Purple 3"
Snack Bin- This bowl shape is carved with an opening to reach in and grab your favorite snack- shown with granola bars. May also be handy with office supplies. Some glaze variation inside. 6" diameter $20
Bumpy cups- little quirky cups in a variety of colors- $8 each or four for $30.

left to right in top pic-
Teal double dip
Brigham Blue, some glaze variation
Purple double dip
Solid Teal
Large Brigham Blue Mug, some glaze variation- brown markings near rim, blue variations inside, holds @ 14 oz. - $18

Yarn Bowl Seconds-
The purple glaze went a little crazy in the kiln and got very drippy. You can see the dripping in the carving area. There is still a path for the yarn in both, but in the one with the large drip, it is a pretty thin path so may interfere with really super thick yarn if you want to take your project in and out of the bowl frequently. Small drip $18, Large Drip $15
Salt Jar Second-
That crazy purple again- the top is much brighter than the bottom. 3.5" tall $9

Blue Bowls- nice for serving veggies, holding small items on a shelf, or for office supply organization. Same color as snack bin above if you wish to use it for that purpose 6.75" and 7.5"- $25 each or both for $40

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