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MamaZ 05-29-2006 03:23 PM

Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
I'm hoping I'm putting this in the right forum :giggle: I want to homeschool my DS for pre-k (actually I have no choice because my money tree has not grown and I do not have $8,000 to shell out for a pre-k that will teach him nothing anyway) So what do you mamas suggest? My DS does not have a long intention span. Actually it is near non-existant at one minute but I have figured out how to work around that so I'm pretty confident. He would so love to learn to read too, so any suggestions there would help too :)

I'm trying to find out from my school district what he will need to know for Kindergarten and I believe he has to know the alphabet, write, read somewhat, numbers, count, colors, and shapes but I want to double check.

Thanks mamas!

SheilaJoy 05-29-2006 03:30 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
Are you saying you want to homeschool prek and then put him in school for kindergarten?

I can't believe there are so many requirements for entering kindergarten! That's ridiculous! I homeschool and I don't do anything formal for prek. We read to them, play with them, teach them colors, numbers and shapes through play (this works very well :thumbsup: ), etc. They learn so much through regular play, reading to them, and daily life.

Carrie 05-29-2006 04:06 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
As I understand they should know the alphabet and be able to print letters, upper and lower case. They do not need to know how to read. I would think numbers, colors, and shapes would be learned through play, maybe some "educational" play. My mom is a pre-K teacher and what she does is not particularly intense--pretty much what Sheila describes but in a school setting (it's a public school program).

Kindermama 05-29-2006 04:26 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
You can teach letters (upper & lower case) and their sounds by forming them with playdoh or by tracing them in sand on a cookie sheet.

Numbers, colors & shapes can be learned all around him if you point them out!

How about getting the Preschooler's Busy book for activities to do at home.

If he's a worksheet kinda boy, which mine wasn't, you can get some nice workbooks at a teacher supply store. Whatever you do, don't push him. I pushed my dd too early and it backfired!

crunchymama 05-29-2006 06:15 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
They have to take a test or something to get into K? I thought K was were you learned to the alphabet and how to print.What if they can't do it? They can't go?
We home school and used for Pre-K. :) it is free.

MamaLove 05-29-2006 06:27 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
I read that the most important thing to teach young children before reading and writing is how to interact...sharing and being nice to others. Kids can learn to read and write very early if you want them to, but it doesn't make any significant difference in the long run if they learn later, but kids that have problems associating have bigger problems down the road. Makes sense to me.

raceNzanesmom 05-29-2006 06:33 PM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
We're doing Before Five in Row and Little Hands to Heaven from now (age 2) to pre-K. Once Zane shows readiness I'll do Handwriting Without Tears. I do LOTS of teaching while we play. Today he was doing a new puzzle. It has a tractor, a truck, a tricycle and a car. We talked about the colors, how many wheels, what each vehicle does, little/big, truck, tractor and tricycle start with t, this is a little t, this is a big T, car begins with c... that he rides a tricycle, farmers drive a tractor, daddy drives a truck.. you get the picture.

I think as long as you're teaching he'll learn fine. There is so much to learn in everyday life. Read to him, ask him questions about what has happened, what might happen, etc. Count objects, point out letters and words. Give lots of "craft" time, short fat crayons, paper, scissors, glue sticks, hole punch, Play-doh, finger paint, etc. Take him lots of places, museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, farms, etc. Expose him to anything and everything that will enrich his mind.

One thing I read that sounds interesting, when having a child trace a letter or number with their finger have them use both the pointer and middle. The middle finger is suppose to have a stronger connection to the brain.

Zane's development doc (he was preemie) says kids should use short, fat crayons (break the new ones in half). It teaches them how to properly hold a pencil. has reviews of curriculums and a great forum for asking. Plus the internet is FULL of free/low cost options. I subscribe to Mrs. Alphabet (have for years). She has links to tons of cool stuff. Nearly all books can be found used (almost as good as fluff in the mailbox, lol).

MamaZ 05-30-2006 07:03 AM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
Thanks mamas! I think it's crazy what the kids have to know here. When he was 2 yo, he was in pre-school/day care and was learning to write. They push so much on them around here. Yet if your kid is advanced (say grade 1 age but grade 2 or 3 intelligence) they cannot advance to the next grade. They even need to know how to use a computer for kindergarten. Good thing he learned that last year.

I'm big on reading to my DC so they always get that. I never thought of bringing in learning lessons during play. I definitely will have to do that more. Thanks again!

raceNzanesmom 05-30-2006 07:30 AM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
Some other things I thought of that Race knew by K. Say name, address, phone number, birthday, mom and dad's name & where they work, recognize his first name, say the days of the week (there's a fun song for this), concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow (he was fuzzy about it in real life, but could do it on the calendar), weather concepts sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc).

Re: testing, I think all kids are tested before K. I don't think the results keep them out. I've worked in K and the testing was simply to show what the kids knew, where their strengths and weaknesses are. It also helps place kids so one class doesn't have all lower kids and another class full of higher kids (unless the classes are ability based). The kids are then re-tested throughout the year to make sure they are advancing. The testing at the end of the year places them for the following years. I've seen kids that tested at the lower end before K test at the high end by the end of K and vice versa. The kids that I've seen do the best in school were the ones with involved parents, that make learning interesting. Regardless of the child's actual ability they are the ones that continue to advance and learn at the highest rate. So, relax, and enjoy your child's last year at home. Make it fun, make it a special time together.

4kidzmom 05-30-2006 07:36 AM

Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)
I was also going to suggest letter of the week. I used it for all of my children, and plan to keep doing so.
Also, there is a great home-preschool yahoo group.
Good luck Mama!

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