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Sarah0903 05-29-2006 10:25 PM

Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
I am 5'5" tall and 185 give or take. This will be baby #3 (when I get preggo with it)
With my first I started out 135 and was up to 175 after having him. With my second I was 160 to start and was 195 after she was born. I am worried that I will be 250 after having this one. Anyone else "fluffy" like me?
I could use weight gain/loss tips durring pregnancy.

bobandjess99 05-29-2006 10:50 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
Well...not sure if you could pull this one off, but i found that vomiting about a million times for 5 month with a raging case of hyperemesis helped me lose 30 pounds. LOL

I started my pregnanvy at 198, and ended it at 165. Since then, i have gained a TON of weight and now weigh 210.

I want to lose 20 before getting preggo again in a few months..i want to be 190 or less when i get preggo.

I am 5 feet even, so i an REALLY heavy......

You really aren't supposed to lose weight in pregnancy, but at your weight, it would be acceptable to gain as little as a bout 15 pounds.
The main thing is CARBS/sugar. you CAN't eat a lot of them. Especially in the third trimester. Eat lots of veggies with protein, VERY LITTLE carbs - breads, rices, noodles, crackers, ....most "snack" type stuff is CARBS..stay away! It puts on weight and generally has little nitritional value...a limited amount of whole grains is good, but nothing beyond that...lay off the milk..i know that is counterintuitive, but milk has lactose in it, (milk sugar) which is straight sugar calories and will put on weight really fast.

bfoster2000 05-29-2006 11:30 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
Actually, I keep telling dh that all I need to do to get down to my "ideal" weight is keep having babies! I'm 5'11" and was around 220 when I got pregnant with DJ. I had a very easy nausea or anything...I just had no appetite. I lost weight up until about halfway through then started gaining fast. I think I went up to about 235-240 towards the end. When he was born, I weighed about 5 pounds less than I did pre-pregnancy. Then I breastfed for a year and a half... NOTHING got back to it's pre-pregnancy size/shape, but I did take a little more weight off. I think I was 205 when I got pregnant with this one. I did put on some weight around Christmas but then lost it again. I'm 31 weeks now and 219 but I'm "all baby". It's a little surprising because I'm not in nearly as good shape (I used to be very athletic...and plump!) as I was last time and I've been on modified bed rest for a while now so I'm not getting nearly as much exercise as I did, but everyone says that I don't look like I'm gaining any weight. So at this rate, if I have about 10 more kids, I can be a super model!!

HeidiMarie 05-30-2006 07:32 AM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
Yep, me!! I hadn't lost my baby weight from the last one (01/05). I initially lose a large chunk of the weight but then have to get motivated (about 1 1/2 years later!) to work the last 15 pounds off. That motivation never kicked in this time and here I am....preggo! I still feel like my body has that soft, postpartum feel to it. Guess I better get used to it!!

Quiverfillin 05-30-2006 08:13 AM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
Yep, me too. I was 185 when I got preggo with #3, which was actually my lowest pre-preg weight of the 3! I gained 22 lbs. You do have to be careful with the refined carbs, and make sure you get enough protein.

jls~Kain~Drake 05-30-2006 08:42 AM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
I don't really have any suggestions as I'm 9mo post partum with my 2nd...and I'm still overweight...

But, when I got pg with #1 (2nd pregnancy), I was 185...lost 15..and gave birth at back to pre-pg weight within 2 weeks. I got pg when he was 4 or 5 mo, lost the babies (twins) at about 10 weeks..and then got pregnant again when he was about 11mo...and I was 193...I lost weight..I don't remember how much, but I'm thinking it was about the same as #1, about 15 or so lbs..and gave birth at 224 I think? I lost the pregnancy weight within 3 weeks but gained back a couple of lbs and just kept gaining/losing/gaining/losing...Oh, and I'm 5'5" too.

I'm now between 186-188 - depending on the time of day I weigh :) I'm finally losing weight (slowly)...I have 2 'conditions' or diseases..whatever you may call them...that hinder weight loss...I'm finally medicated for both of those and I can really tell a difference. The weight isn't falling off by any means...but I can tell a difference with modifying my diet.

ANYWAY...long & windy reply to say..yeap, i'm fluffy too...not pg and not ttc, but just thought i'd reply :)

mamato5angels 05-30-2006 02:15 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
I am also fluffy. With my first I weighed 185 pre preg and delivered weighing 216. Second child 5 years later wieghed 185 pre preg and weighed 199 at birth back down to 185 at 2 weeks. Last child (so far) started at 209 lost a bunch and has him weighing something like 226. The really cool thing about that is I dropped to 199 by the 2 week check. Too bad it did not stay off. Now we are ttc and I am at a fluffy 215.

So thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Bridym 05-30-2006 02:36 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
You can add me to the list too.

I was 200lbs when I got pg with my ds and was 260lbs when I gave birth!!! ouch, that was a lot of water weight though(honestly)
When my ds was 10 months old I joined Weight Watchers (weighing in at 213lbs) and got down to 179lbs by November, it felt great! But realistcaly at 5'4 I was still over weight.
With the Christmas goodies and quiting WW because I wanted to get pg again, I was 185lbs when I went for my first 12 week OB visit. I am now 213lbs at 28weeks.
I am planning on joing WW again after Christmas to get this weight off finaly once in for all.

jamreed02 05-30-2006 10:34 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
me too! up and up with each baby, started at 210 with dd #1, 220 with dd#2, and 216 with ds! now im 245, trying to get to "semi-ideal" weight before ttc ds #2(i hope).

GrowingUpMad 05-31-2006 01:19 PM

Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?
I'm with you mamas!! With ds I was 128lbs (mind you I was 16) and gained 30 lbs which I lost within 2 weeks. Fast forward 7 years to when I got preggers with dd. I started out at 165lbs and gained 30lbs. I was pumped full of steroids and hormones and I swear that is why I never lost a single pound. 3 1/2 years later I am now preggers with #3 and started this pregnancy at 198lbs., I am now 26 1/2 weeks and have gained 11 lbs. I was hoping to stay around 15 but that only leaves 4 lbs to gain and about 12 weeks to go.

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