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Ellowyn 05-25-2010 06:58 AM

Do your babysitters allow TV?
Or rather do you let your babysitter allow TV when they are babysitting?

My 2 yo is a real handful these days and the only time she isn't getting into something is when she is: A)being played with one on one. B)sleeping, of course. or C)watching TV. The TV viewing has a limited time though. She will get bored if allowed to watch TV for very long.

So, my babysitter is usually watching TV with my 2 yo DD when I get home. I don't think they are watching it the whole time I'm gone, but I'm still a bit annoyed to see her watching TV. The programs are fine, but I don't understand why the babysitter can't just play with DD for the 2.5 hours that I'm gone or doing something else in the house.

I get frustrated because if I'm cleaning a room upstairs or folding laundry, I could do that with DD watching TV WITHOUT a $10/hour babysitter sitting with her.

She's a great babysitter otherwise and I'm a little afraid to mention the TV viewing. I told the babysitter it was ok for DD to watch a little TV, but that was when it was freezing cold outside. Now, it's beautiful out here and I see no reason for her to watch TV at all while the babysitter is here.

Am I being picky or unrealistic in my expectations for the babysitter? I personally wouldn't have a problem entertaining my DD for 2.5 hours with the TV. It's NOT that hard if you are one on one with her.

Would you risk telling an otherwise responsible TV, period.?

nakedbabytoes 05-25-2010 07:07 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
I'd just tell her your beef.
You're the mom. The boss. She's an employee. She should do it how you like with your child.
They may be only watching TV for 5 minutes before you get home but if you don't want her to, then she doesn't.
I don't think you should feel weird or mean or picky for wanting a sitter to watch your child a certain way. Just tell her no more TV now that it's nice outside & you'll let her know on an as needed basis when TV is okay(like today it's raining, etc).
I don't think you are expecting too much.

Oh, and to answer your question "Does your babysitter allow TV?"
No. I'm the baby sitter(home daycare) and my charges never watch TV here at my house. We are just too busy doing things! My own boys are allowed TV nightly after baths from 8-9, but usually they forget. Too busy playing with real things than watching a box with moving pictures.

doodle19 05-25-2010 07:37 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
To the question of 'do your babysitters allow tv'- yes mine does. The kids get to watch TV in the morning, for a set block of time....and again in the afternoon during pick up time. I wish there was only 1 time a day the TV was on, but then again since we have no cable at home I try not to stress about it.

As for you asking too much for your babysitter to give no TV time I say absolutely not. Your the mommy, you make the rules. You can approach her in a very nice manner as PP mentioned. Just tell her now that the weather has changed that you would like DD to not have any TV time in the 2.5 hours she's there. Suggest some games and outside play time maybe. That's very reasonable mama:)

MaxCapacity 05-25-2010 08:08 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
Yes, we watch tv & I allow my babysitters to watch with the kids as long as it's approved shows on the DVR. However, in answer to your question, I'd just say to the babysitter that now that it's nice, the tv is staying off & outside time should replace any tv time please. You're the mama & it's your choice with your child's tv time. :)

NorahsMom 05-25-2010 08:50 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
We don't use a lot of babysitters but I can say that when I was babysitting when I was a teenager and in college, I had a personal policy of NOT watching TV with the kids I was caring for. I felt guilty getting paid for sitting on my butt. I think you're right--if you're paying someone $10 an hour you're certainly right to expect that person to play with your child the entire time, or at least to do something constructive with her.

stringbean02 05-25-2010 08:54 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
i dont use a babysitter yet, but whenever i do use one i will be okay with them doing whatever i would be doing. i watch TV when im with DS, so i wouldnt care as long as she isnt neglecting my children. if you arent comfortable with it though, then you should say something. maybe say something like "DD has been wanting to play more lately" and hopefully she will get the point.

lanwenyi 05-25-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
Babysitters - no, never. I specifically hire teens who will play with my kids. The TV stays off until the kids are asleep.

Daycare - yes, sometimes. When watching my and other children full-time, I understand that sometimes there might be a "need" for some TV time. I use TV at home in order to do DD's hair. Otherwise it is off. While I can cook/etc w/DD in the room, I recognize that others might not, so as long as it's not on ALL day, I'm okay with a little TV time at daycare as long as the shows are appropriate and commercial-free. If daycare has the TV on all day, I find a new daycare.

If this babysitter is only watching your child for a few hours AND only has your child, I feel it is perfectly appropriate to ask her to keep the TV off and play indoors/outdoors with your child instead. Be nice when you talk to your babysitter, but remember that she is your employee, not your friend. She needs to be doing what you expect of her. Make sure you listen as well. She might have a valid reason for the TV time (ie she's putting away your sharp knives, then sits with your child until the end of the show). Listen, talk, listen, and find a solution that works for both of you.

vlinderanna 05-25-2010 10:46 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
if it's at night yes, during the day no, unless it's an emergency

BabyLuvinMama 05-25-2010 11:01 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
Yes we allow tv.... our Children are 14 9 8 7yrs old..... and the Main time we use a Sitter is in the evenings about an hour before they go to bed and then the sitter is being paid to watch my tv, eat my food, talk on my phone and well LISTEN to make sure they don't mame each other LOL..... its a Good Trade off for me to have an adult sitter here Our 14 Yr old isn't quite up to watching her siblings yet shes still more Irritated with them when they do anything more than sit quietly....

mjtsmami 05-25-2010 11:20 AM

Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?
My sitter will put the tv on if she's making dinner or cleaning up after dinner, and also during bathtime. Other than that, I haven't seen her use the tv much. (My boys go to her house) She's good about getting them outside to play alot and stuff like that.

I don't mind that she occupies them with the tv during that time. During school, she's got my younger 2, her youngest (who's 3) and sometime her grandson(5) and granddaughter (almost 2) That's alot of kids to occupy and keep safe while cooking.

But, if you don't want her watching tv, then you need to tell her so, but chose your words and tone carefully so she doesn't get defenseful. Like a pp said, she might have a vaild reason for turning it on, and just sat down for a few minutes.

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