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3Xblessed 05-25-2010 07:32 AM

Ear help
My youngest had tubes placed in Dec. '08 for neg. pressure resulting in hearing loss.

Starting 3 weeks ago she began complaining that one of her ears hurt. There was no puss coming out of the ear and no fever. Nothing to indicate infection and she only complained on and off. So we put off taking her in. Yesterday I decided that we had waited long enough. Come to find out the tube in that ear has fallen out (which is normal....they only last a short amount of time and we are blessed that it lasted as long as it did). The neg. pressure is back and to the point that the ear drum is drawn in. :banghead::banghead: The doc. thinks that as she is eating, coughing etc. she is popping the ear (like you do on a plane) and that is what is causing the pain. No suggestions about how to correct this or make it more comfortable for her (just a group ped. not her ent or regular ped. - last minute appointment).

Do you mama's have any suggestions as we wait to get into her ENT? We are taking off for Memorial day and our trip includes crossing the Sierra Nevada's. Can't imagine how painful the change in elevation is going to be. :cry:

kjo 05-25-2010 10:50 PM

Re: Ear help
Take her to a chiropracter that works with children. They are wonderful for helping with chronic ear infections/issues. My boys don't get ear infections and they are adjusted at least once a month. You can find a lot of information about it on the internet and Dr. Sears has some info on his website about the effectiveness of a chiropracter with ear infections. It kind of opens the passages and lets things drain easier.

wyoming butterfly 05-25-2010 10:53 PM

Re: Ear help
I was going to suggest Chiropractor too. DH is one and he adjusts the kids all the time.

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